Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Inherent Wave of Being—a Treatise on Metaphysical Humanism, part XIV—The Law of Love (Emotion)

 The fundamental law from which all other laws are derived is the law of Love. It is, essentially, the postulate from which the equation of the universe is wholly derived. 

As I explained in my book Chakras and the Enneagram, the entire universe is constructed first and  foremost by the emanations of God’s Love. When I wrote the book, it was written from my own personal revelation that experience, but it closely mirrors — is in fact identical to – Emmanuel Swedenborg’s observations on the same subject. This was pointed out to me some months after I wrote the book, and after some examination I determined that Swedenborg’s revelations regarding the nature of the cosmos were entirely consistent with my own.

The point here is that everything is made of love. It is the initial motive force for all of existence, and all other laws and properties derived from it. When we look at Divine Love and Wisdom, as they were identified by Swedenborg, we can understand them as a hierarchy with revolving parity. What this means is that in the Kingdom of Heaven, within God’s own Being, Wisdom and Love have equal power; yet because God’s nature is loving before it is wise, love always maintains a supremacy of movement. God is wise because he is loving, and he is loving because he is wise; but the motive force for creation comes from love. In this sense, the creation of the universe is a creation not just by Love but also of Love, because the material nature of the universe is constructed first and foremost from God’s Love.

This means that the universe, like all universes, is a caring and loving universe first, before it has any other properties. The divine fundament represented by the quantum state is actually an energetic field of love which has become completely dispersed into the finest possible energy states. Everything arises from this fundamental background field of energetic love, and the motive force that brings everything together into more and more complex emergent structures is love itself. Love is caring and has a wish for relationship; and so this care and wish for relationship is built from the ground floor up into material existence.

Material itself would not have an affinity for attraction or the ability to form larger material entities and aggregates if it were not for the loving force that causes it to seek relationship. This force has an infinite number of variations and fluctuations, but whereas it exists as a particle from the point of view of the law of matter, it exists as a waveform that moves through the energy field in the sense of the law of love. Thus we see that the law of matter and the law of love are the particle and wave functions of the universe.
Because the material universe emanates from a fundamental ground of love, this property permeates all relationship at every level. The human sensory organism is capable of directly perceiving this property of the universe under the correct state, when sufficient finer elements are concentrated in Being.
 Let us go one step further here in this discussion of the prime law. Love is not, as mechanistic rationalism would have it, a manifestation of algorithms; nor is it derived from them. It is an independent force in its own right, and can neither be manifested nor expressed by algorithm. That is, it is not derived from the counting of numbers, nor is it derived from a set of rules related to numbers. Love is a feeling; it is a form of caring, and caring does not arise from numerical relationships. It is not calculated, but intuitive — it is not of the material, but of the metaphysical.



Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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