Friday, December 15, 2017

A call from the innermost part of the soul

There is a call from the innermost part of the soul that grows stronger over time.

At first, this call is so faint it can barely be heard; so faint that it is a mere echo that one strains towards, uncertain that one has heard it at all. It is far in the distance; yet it passes between mountain peaks, blue against the horizon of the inner self, and one somehow knows that it sounds the truest of notes.

Over a lifetime, with diligence, one tries to learn how to open one’s heart; how to be legitimately (as opposed to intellectually or theoretically) compassionate towards oneself and others; how to restrain one’s temptation to find fault with others, to criticize them, to be looking for the negative in everything. 

One can learn to restrain; and through grace, that restraint can become voluntary rather than being a struggle. 

The awakening of real feeling injects an irresistible and unassailable element of conscience in a person’s Being; this because conscience is, in fact, the Representative of God. This can only be found through grace and suffering; one cannot read or talk it into oneself. Yet once it is there, God is with a person at every moment.

Eventually this call from the innermost part of the soul forms a center of gravity, a magnetic attraction that wishes to draw life itself into it. 

It does not use words to do this; nor does it use ideas or concepts, coercion or conviction, allurement or persuasion. It does not need any of these things, because its source of power comes from grace and God. 

Grace and God draw Being back towards God Himself without assistance.


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