Friday, November 24, 2017

The role of a center of gravity

Capital, Autun Cathedral

Today, I should like to explain a second point that is important to consider.

The mind always goes away. I don't pay attention. And I don't seem to be able to "create" a permanent force in me that will change this.

The role of remorse of conscience must be understood here.

Remorse of conscience has a function. The function of remorse of conscience is to create a center of gravity in being that allows an organic agreement between being and the conditions it encounters.

I need to come into an organic agreement with the conditions I find myself in.

Another way of putting it is that the premise of Being has to change its location. It cannot be located in the mind. I have to discover a different premise within me. Without this center of gravity I'm speaking of, I will always have opinions about what takes place in my life and I will always be judging everything.

This kind of activity is useless in relationship to being and has nothing to do with actual being. It is a parasitic state that has attached itself, on the one hand, to everything "I am," and on the other hand, to the outside world. It feeds on both of them equally in order to sustain itself.

I can't really get rid of this creature; but it does not have to eat all the food that arrives. It should be given enough to keep it happy and occupied and no more. In a certain sense it can be put to sleep once this happens, so that it doesn't interfere so much with my efforts to become a real human being. There is an art to this that needs to be learned, and the ground floor of it is rooted in self observation.

This is a colorful analogy,  of a type which I typically enjoy creating. Unfortunately, it may distract us from the point.  So let's stop enjoying it for a moment (insofar as anyone may enjoy the discussion of parasites that feed on them) and get back to the center of the issue.

This center of gravity in Being must be discovered as an active force that grounds me. The head does not have to be flighty and up in the air and floating around all the time. It's possible to create a center of gravity in me that counteracts this. This is a law that relates to the physics of Being. Of course, the Love that was discussed in the last post is essential to this; so remember that as well.

If I don't understand this from the point of view of inner physics and laws, and the presence of an actual gravity that is fed by the smallest, most granular and molecular parts of Being, I will miss the point. I need to insert myself down here in the sediment, not upstairs in the room where philosophies are discussed. All the nutrients are here in the lower levels where the roots grow.

 This question of forming an agreement with conditions is essential. There are a lot of ways of talking about it that have become habitual, about seeing and so on. So let's stop being habitual and form a new habit, for the time being, that is rooted in the idea of forming an agreement with conditions I find myself in.

That agreement has to be organic in nature and correspond directly to the actual conditions.

 Please try to understand this without thinking about it. Live in it.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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