Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The binding force

Capital from the cathedral of Autun

I should like to make something clear for those who struggle with the question of why the mind and body don't form a permanent relationship with one another.

There are many technical reasons for this that could be brought into a discussion; yet the binding force between the mind and the body has a specific nature and is identifiable.

This force is what is lacking between the intellect and the sensation.

The force is, quite simply put, Love. That Love has, in very general terms, two aspects that both need to be present and reconciled.

One is the inflow of the divine; this is the energy that is often referred to as "flowing in through the top of the head." Yet this energy does not just have to flow into the top of the head, but can flow through the entire being, anywhere. At any time.  Stop limiting your conception of what is possible in this area and learn how to be in a prepared condition of surrender.

The second energy is a love that exists within me, so to speak, for myself. It's impossible for the inflow to take place without a corresponding non-egoistic love of self that has already manifested. In fact, I never love myself and I'm always terrified of what I am.

Now, of course, the mind is going to get involved with an endless series of thoughts about this and all the exercises that have been taught and so on. Yet the only thing that's important to understand that I must completely surrender and be open to both of these kinds of Love. Together, as they blend within the body, they form a kind of "glue" that attaches an active and permanent sensation to the body, which then allows it to form a new relationship with the mind. The feeling can enter.

I'm not going to say much more about this right now, but I would like readers to ponder this for some time, organically, and really try to take the understanding of the question in.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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