Wednesday, November 15, 2017


June 15, 2017

This morning, I want to expand on a fairly complicated philosophical perception I understood several weeks ago. I wrote some fairly complex essays on it which appear in this space.

But this morning, I'd like to discuss it in in simpler terms, and just express it as a relationship with this moment in life.

Awareness exists before I experience it as an infinitely compressed point, a complete potential much like the way the universe existed before the Big Bang. Everything that can ever be is compressed before Being in this single point of awareness. I carry it within me; and as you read this, you also carry that infinitely compressed point of awareness that can expand into Being within you. We all participate in this.

In every moment, this awareness unfolds completely and realizes its absolute potential in my Being. This is not a process that only happens once; it happens continuously. It is happening in me now as I write this; it's happening in you as you read it. But we are unaware of this eternal and continuous expansion of awareness into Being, because we take it for granted.

It's possible, through the force of love — which is a material force that gathers its substance throughout life and forever grows within our Being — to perceive this moment of eternal expansion of awareness. It is a mysterious moment, because our awareness — our mindfulness — is born from what appears to be nothing (in fact it is everything) and then encounters the world. It already contains the whole world in it, before it is born. In birth, it simply unfolds into Being in much the same way that a DNA molecule unfolds to interact and create life.

We don't know where it comes from; we generally don't participate in it, but just follow it through habit. We always get there, in our ordinary experience, after the event is over and decide to critique it or make unnecessary adjustments to it.

Yet coming into an intimate and direct contact with this mystery as the expansion of awareness into Being takes place is a fascinating action. It is deeply organic, rooted in our physical, intellectual, and emotional experience of ourselves — which are three different forces that meet together at all times in the place where awareness expands into Being. They are the functional medium that receives the expansion. Well, that sounds kind of technical, but there you are.

Anyway, this morning, I want to call your attention to this, because it is such a beautiful and small thing to live at this point of awareness and treasure it.

Everything can change in life if I put my attention here first.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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