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Notes from May 27

Notes from May 27

There is a natural intelligence of Being that expresses itself through the action of life. Life expands from a presence of awareness which is infinitely compressed within Being.

That presence of awareness can never be sensed from within its compression, because that part belongs to God and remains unavailable. We do, however, have the capacity to come into an intimate relationship with the molecular sensation of Being. This molecular sensation exists directly at the threshold of expansion, where awareness becomes a real thing and life can be lived.

It's difficult to explain how very natural this ought to be; how it shouldn't be strained at, but arrive gently and compassionately within Being so that we are unified. It doesn't take place in the presence of opinion or polarization; it's as organic as the natural action of ourselves, which already knows what to do.

Being also already knows what to do. It's the rest of me that doesn't understand this question.

This doesn't mean that I can be stupid about life or just live it like an animal. On the contrary, it involves a much more conscious relationship to this force of intelligence, which is an organic force of intelligence and not a force of intelligence that emanates from the mind. I'm so absolutely committed to the intelligence that emanates from the mind that I don't really know much about this other intelligence, which is free from the mind and expresses itself independent of it. Again, this ought to take place quite naturally and with great ease; it isn't something that has to be reached for and fretted over. The more I fret, the more certain it is that this quality cannot become itself as it ought to be.

I've been studying this quality for many years. It becomes ever deeper; and it promotes a relationship with feeling that is quite different than my ordinary attitudes and understandings. It ought to penetrate to the marrow of the bones. This is where the action makes the most change; deep within being, at levels that are not accessible to the conscious mind. As a point of information, everything that is accessible to the mind the way I understand it is useless in regard to this work and can't come close to touching it.

My mistake is that I so often attempt to understand with the mind instead of allowing the organic nature of effort to undertake the right action which it alone understands.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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