Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Freedom from Negativity, part III

Let's say that we succeed, that we are "free" of our negativity. This can happen; but it does not happen all at once, unless one has some kind of epiphany which won't last for very long, quite frankly. It takes a long period of time and negativity rearranges itself quite frequently during the process, sometimes even intensifying. Negativity enjoys working through habit in the way that it already is, you see, so it resists efforts to change its function. Changing its function has to be guided through a higher energy of grace; and that has something to do with polarity and the inward compass needle.

On this level, there is a certain kind of magnetism that draws us towards it. This is why we are attracted to outward objects, events, circumstances, and conditions. Our compass needle keeps pointing towards this. We have to deposit enough "iron" in the right location of Being in order for our compass needle to swing around and point in the other direction; and it's only when the compass needle points in this direction that our attachment to negativity lessens. Emmanuel Swedenborg likened this to facing towards God instead of away from him; and this is exactly what needs to happen in a human being in order for them to become free of their negativity. It doesn't mean that negativity goes away; it's always present. It means that negativity now takes its right place in terms of service within the context of the organism at large and its place in the cosmos.

None of this is very comforting relative to our ingrained belief in psychology, rationality, and so on, all of which insist that negativity is a force we ought to be able to conquer. No one suspects that negativity can simply fade into a nuisance level background noise in most situations; nor can folks imagine that once this takes place, a whole new set of problems and challenges arises.

The organic feeling of Being, which centers itself entirely around worship and the nature of the sacred, and points the inward compass needle in that direction, has a completely different set of priorities. It has no intention of wasting its energy on the usual negativity that manifests on the ordinary level; the tasks it needs to undertake require an enormous amount of energy and the organic feeling of Being naturally conserves what is available in order to direct it towards what is necessary.


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