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Freedom from Negativity, part II

Today is my birthday. I'm 62.

Ultimately, the aim of receiving higher energy and distributing it throughout all the cells of the body needs to be realized by the awakened organic sensation of being, and intensified by the awakened organic feeling of being. Not by the mind, going through a rote series of mindfulness or consciousness exercises that attempts to "assist" what ought to be a natural process — as if a river needed our help in order to flow downwards towards the sea. This process ought to be awakened naturally and need no assistance whatsoever in order to complete itself; that is the natural condition of depth in a human being if they receive impressions in an active way. They don't need to interfere with it; it's as natural as breathing.

Once these materials are deposited, they form a kind of tissue within the nervous system that begins to reconnect all of the neural material in a human being in a different way. Again, this takes many many years, and consists of a sensitization of the body, the mind, and the feelings such that they coordinate their activity in a much deeper and more intimate manner.

Now, I will describe how that affects negative emotions in exactly the way I described it to my mother-in-law, so that readers can get a better understanding of how this changes your inward feeling parts.

All of the parts in the body can be likened to sprockets with teeth on them, that is, gears of one kind or another. A human being has literally trillions of these gears in them; we call them molecules, but they function — in an extremely simplified model of their nature — exactly like gears do. Let's imagine all of the molecules on the surfaces and interiors of cells as the teeth on a gear; these gears are constantly touching one another and they turn. If two gears are properly matched, and their teeth are of the right size, they turn without any friction; but the minute that the sprockets move out of synchronization with one another or they aren't fit together properly, friction arises. Negative emotions are the result of friction in the way that the inward gears turn. Now, this takes place on a molecular level; but because of the way that the emergent nature of consciousness functions, it comes out of us as our actions, attitudes, feelings, and so on. The point is that if the gears don't mesh well, and the teeth aren't working properly, they begin to crush one another. That's basically what goes wrong at the molecular level; and the way that it expresses itself at the top, so to speak, of the food chain, is that I am negative in one way or another.

Rearranging the inward molecular structure so that it meshes in a more harmonious manner helps to reduce this tension and friction, which is constantly arising in Being. This is achieved by ingesting the finer food of impressions over a very long period of time so that all of the tiny little gears inside us, which are invisible but always working, function better together. It's not an action that can be directed by the conscious mind, as you can see, so it's easy to understand, once one sees the way the mechanism works, why we can't have a direct influence on these things, and why Mr. Gurdjieff constructed his work the way he did. All of the psychological and yogic techniques in the world cannot work at the molecular level over short periods of time, which is what's necessary here. This is a long-term work; and if one wants to form a different relationship with one's negativity, one had better be willing to participate in one's life, to suffer one's negativity as it is, and to consume one's impressions of it for many many years, a minimum of 15 or perhaps even 20 years, unless one gets extraordinarily and unusually lucky.

All of that can only take place, mind you, after there is a more active relationship to sensation, so unless one works on that first, one can forget about all the other benefits that ought to accrue if we are working to free ourselves of negativity.


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