Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The roots of Being, part IV: Tipping over inside me

 So today, come back again to that living force, those roots of Being, that are already active in us and that give rise to our being as it is. 

This is the whole of life; to allow life itself to flow into Being and feed Being, which is a sacred condition.

 Don't think of anything else. Just be present to this and don't think at all. Allow life to flow in; it is a thing of great beauty and great truth, that has no parallel and cannot be replaced by anything else. If I have this, and nothing else, I am alive; and if I don't have this, even if I own the world and everything in it, I have nothing whatsoever of value, because all value is created within the moment that life flows in.

 There are many different levels of sensation connected to the roots of Being. I can't use a single word to describe this or talk about it; it would take a number of volumes to break down all the different phenomena that relate to it and explain each one of them. That is certainly possible; but why bother? This isn't the point of living. We can't act like we are laboratory chemists who want to write down everything and notebooks. We have to come out of our heads and be alive within the uncertain, extraordinary, demanding context of relationship in our life. We are going to have to get a lot of things wrong in order to do this. We can't be afraid of that. We have to have the courage to meet life from within the context of the roots of our Being and accept. 

We aren't going to like it. Liking it is never the point. To like or not like has little to do with love.  Love, in fact, always finds its greatest expression in the difficulties, not in what is easy. A love that is not born in the midst of adversity has little value. Love that's born from the roots of Being is willing to accept the difficulty of conditions; it doesn't know much of anything about how to do this or that, but it knows how to put a foundation of love under the rest of life so that it has a stability, that it doesn't tip over inside me.

 Life too often has no sound foundation and tips over inside me like this. If I'm present, I can even see and feel it happen. The roots of Being, this "new sensation"  I speak of, and the active prayer that it engenders can all help  to build that foundation that keeps things from toppling. 

And even if something topples, if love is there to catch it, it does not fall.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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