Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The permanent dog

I just sit here quietly now.

I don't have to cling to any stubborn beliefs. The day will take care of itself later. Everything within me already knows how to disposition such matters; I just need to allow it, and participate. For now, everything is good just as it is; I'm letting the impressions of life flowing to me gently, understanding what a gift it is to dwell in this organism and receive what life brings.

I think, sometimes, that everyone has forgotten how to do this. To come into a much simpler relationship with nature and accept it. Not just with external nature; that in itself is an extraordinary and powerful force which I don't appreciate at all, it's true, and which might have a much deeper transformational effect on my being if I could come into a deeper and more natural relationship with it.

Yet first, before the natural world — which is an eternally flowing blessing, no matter how much damage mankind does to it – comes into me, I try to form a more intimate and loving relationship with my parts, which are here with me. They are what receives everything, after all; and they are like faithful animals, like dogs, who come together in a loyal and obedient way if they are properly tended to.

This is an idea about sensation. For many years, I study it and I think I have an idea of what it is, because I have a picture of the dog. I know what it looks like, the way it walks and runs, how it behaves, and I begin to understand from the pictures that the dog needs to be fed and cared for, and so on. But for many years I just study the dog in my encyclopedia. I don't have a real dog.

Then, one day, lo and behold, a real dog appears. It's just a puppy. It's absolutely nothing like all the theories I formed about dogs, it is a living, breathing thing that supports me and loves me. Up until now, my encyclopedia relationship has been a one-way relationship; but now, it's reciprocal.

Somehow, I need to develop a relationship with his loyal, obedient, and faithful partner who can help me so much. I need to not just have a picture of the dog; I need to have a permanent dog — one who is at my side at all times. Not as a servant or slave, so much as an equal partner in my life.

It's this permanent dog that makes a difference; because no matter how far I wander, the dog is always by my side.

I can learn love by coming into relationship with this dog; yet I need to bring my intelligence to that, because the dog needs my intelligence in the same way that I need its obedience and faithfulness.


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Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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