Thursday, August 3, 2017

Honey, part II: The Grace of existence

My beekeeping equipment
April, 2017: during installation of this year's bees

April 29

So I just want to speak today about the gathering in these impressions and the way that we take in the nectar of our lives.

 Everything that flows from life into Being is food for us. That is, of course, a theoretical concept that is easy for the mind to grasp; but to live within the active experience of impressions flowing in as a food is a rich and overwhelming experience. The description of "manna from heaven" in the Bible is a reference to taking in life in this way; understanding physically and emotionally, as well as intellectually, that life feeds the soul in such a beautiful and satisfying way that each moment is nearly impossible to describe and comprehend. 

There is an ecstatic component to such experiences, of course; yet this takes place more when the alignment of Being is not quite right. If the inward parts are developed properly, this otherwise ecstatic property of receiving life becomes a more balanced experience in which both the joy and sorrow, which each have an infinite emotional depth, are taken in equally at the same time in such a way that one experiences and understands the Grace of existence.

 To take in the Grace of existence quite directly brings an appreciation for what life is and why we have it. The act of living, no matter what comes from it, is an experience of Grace, because the entire situation exactly as it is encountered is a blessing and a glory.  This is why we call it the Perfection.

There's no element of self or ego in this; and I can know the difference, because the instant that self and ego interfere, I have opinions about it instead of receiving the Grace. 

Now, the opinions are a tricky thing, because they can go in any direction; and they usually like to go south, because that is easier. Yet if there are no opinions, one is balanced in the moment and opinions do not go up or down; they become silent. 

Instead, a stillness of mind encounters life, and within it, God is always there.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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