Sunday, June 25, 2017

Under obedience, love prevails: part III: a direct influence

Part of a series of notes to myself about Love.

So it is possible to put myself directly under the influence of this Love. That may seem distant or theoretical, but it isn't. This material force of Love is not only all around me; we are made of it; everything that exists around us is made from it; and no action, no object, event, circumstance, or condition, arises that is not already at its root, and in its entire nature, Love. That expression is absolute. 

This force, this energy, has a limitless power that cannot be touched or altered by humanity in any significant way. We can participate; we can contribute; but we can’t divert and we can’t own. We are either called to communion or we turn away from the altar, but the service takes place eternally.

The human organism was built as a perfect receiving instrument to sense, accept, and transubstantiate Divine Love according to specific laws. In doing so we are given the privilege—if we should attain this level—of coming directly under its influence. This only comes through great sacrifice, because of the powerful forces within us that oppose such transformation. 

There shouldn't be any mistake about an indulgent rapture or heavenly bliss regarding this Love. Love contains and expresses a perfect and radiant sobriety of purpose. Rapture and bliss are components of Divine Love; but its intention is infinitely higher than these experiences. One has to submit in all gentle, inward purposefulness and receive without expectation; this is my task. I am meant to receive and think of getting nothing for myself; I need not worry about such things, for within the Love of the Lord all my needs are seen to; they become His needs and are attended to most perfectly, because He knows exactly what is needed. This was one of the points of the Sermon on the Mount. 

Shanghai, March 3 2017.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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