Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Under obedience, love prevails: part II: The three basic antidotes

Part of a series of notes to myself about Love.

Now, as to Love being placed within time by my intellect. 

This struggle between Love and neglect never takes place within time, for it is eternal. It forever takes place now, in this moment, within me as I am

So I don't understand it with my intellect; it is personal; and it isn't temporal. 

It is unknown, personal, and immediate. 

If this sounds familiar, it ought to, because it is a key to the gate of practice.

I need to apply the basic antidotes to the three bad attitudes created by intellect:

1. Understand, both physically and emotionally
2. Become responsible, personally
3. See how I am, immediately—which means in this moment

All in the service of Love; otherwise, I neglect. I become a parent who forgets to feed his or her children and instead goes out partying to all hours of the day and night. If I wonder why my relationships with loved ones, friends, and even the person behind the register at the grocery store are often damaged and unhealthy, it begins here. 

With my neglect.

So it's very important to understand that this struggle, which I don't even sense because of my neglect, is taking place in me at all moments. It’s the basis for my existence; yet I externalize, and I think that my existence is based on all the outer factors, not the struggle between the Love which is the source of my Being—all Being—and the neglect which I show towards it.

This Love is not some idea of how we should treat each other, or some simple emotive reaction. It's a force that flows into all of reality. It actually creates reality at every moment; physical explanations of the universe which attempt to understand it by material means will never succeed, because they don't understand that Love, which is a transcendental force, is the source of all motion and being. 

In order to begin to understand the Love I lack, I have to have a real physical experience of this much higher Love as an objective force which enters me. That isn't so simple; because that is just the beginning. There is a certain need to sense this force with more parts than just the intelligence of my body. Yet without understanding, and the actual experience, of this Love, this higher energy, this force which creates me, I will never begin to understand how I neglect it and how absolutely different it is than everything that emanates from my personality and my ego. I won't see that my personality and my ego, nearly every part of the being that I generally invest myself in, are intensely opposed to this force of Love because they would have to give something up in order to let it manifest; and they are first and before anything else selfish.

It's helpful to begin to see that all of my attitudes and ideas about this question are theoretical. 

In order to do that, I have to put myself under obedience to Love. 

Now, this idea of putting myself through obedience is a very important one, because the fact is that I don’t want to obey anyone or anything else. I am extraordinarily willful — and, at the same time, like an addict, I’m in complete denial about that. 

Something is going to have to change.

Everything people say about being objective, about being impartial, about becoming free, having freedom, enlightenment, and so on, is all actually about obediently putting myself under the influence of this Love. I can forget about all the other words about freedom and whatnot. There isn’t any freedom; there is only love. People who prattle on about freedom are dreaming.
If one does not obediently enter the stream of Divine Love, none of this talk comes to anything. Already, if I want freedom, I misunderstand, because that is my own desire — not an obedience to Love.

When Gurdjieff speaks of objectivity, what he actually speaks about is higher Love. Higher Love is objective; Meister Eckhart's sermons do a good job of explaining this. Nothing can manifest objectively without a primary, inner action of this force; yet human ego and opinion have a great affinity for action under the pretense that they know about it and are under its influence. Gurdjieff’s talk on the meaning of life, which delineates the difference between "pure" and "impure" emotion, is just a discussion about objective Love, by way of the use of a different terminology. 

Shanghai, March 3 2017.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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