Sunday, June 11, 2017


Elwood, NY June 2017

The baseline of my experience of life and of myself always begins with the sensation of Being in the morning.

The mind is weak, and until the sensation of Being acquires durability, the mind can't conceive of anything that will keep its attention on life in a way that is engaged and active. Yet I keep relying on my mind, as though it could be durable. I need to see that it isn't durable at all.

When I accept that the intelligence of the body has much greater force, more power, I allow it to manifest in its own way so that it can support the other parts of Being. I allow the vibration of that sensation to penetrate every cell, every molecule of the body; and that becomes the foundation for my attention in life this day.

It's like this now; and I speak to myself from within that place in order to help form a definite reminder, an exact reminder, of what's necessary in order to inhabit this day like a human being instead of a thing.

I have the capability of forming all my relationships from this place, whatever they are. Surely and certainly they are quite different when formed from this foundation than when they are formed from the mind, which is an undisciplined animal that races around at the behest of the emotions all day long. without any clarity.

I invest more and more as time goes by in this need to be more exact and definite. Clarity in the mind comes from settling of all the silt and mud in the water; and that settling only takes place when the stillness of the body, its organic ability to anchor Being, accompanies the action of thought. Thought has the ability to be intelligent and penetrating, but without this companion it's flighty and foolish. It constantly tries to arrogate abilities to itself which it doesn't have. It needs more discipline, and that comes not from thought itself — thought is unable to police thought — but from the other parts of Being, which are stronger and, wordlessly, equally intelligent.

It's this force of the intelligence of sensation that can help focus the intelligence of the mind and point the compass needle towards a more durable understanding of relationship. Relationship always has to begin inside first; it's only after that that it encounters the outside and forms a second-order relationship.

Well, anyway, these are the thoughts for this morning as I sit here. I will keep them brief and stop here.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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