Saturday, April 1, 2017

The trigonometry of Love

 Metropolitan Museum, New York

Notes from April 1, 2017

Last night a major sunspot formed, out of nowhere and quite suddenly. 

I didn't know that, of course, until this morning, when I got up and looked at the space weather website; but it woke me up at 2:30 in the morning and I was under powerful energetic solar influences for at least an hour before I fell back to sleep. For me, this is a rather common experience, so I knew something was up; despite its abrupt appearance, in and of itself, the sunspot was not really a surprise. It had already announced itself.

There is consequently a much deeper availability in terms of a sensitive and intimate access to one's Being. This only means that it is more possible to receive; and what it is possible to receive is true feeling, that is, real feeling. 

Of course this solar event is in preparation for Easter, which comes in about two weeks; and the sun is sending earth the sacred influences that are needed to prepare the planet for this vital, annual celebration of sacrifice and suffering on behalf of both mankind and God. Seeing how this has just unfolded, one perhaps senses how this will be an unusually important Easter from a spiritual point of view, and on the astral plane. It calls us all to intensify our efforts to work on behalf of both ourselves, our fellow human beings, and God. If ever there was a time to truly sense the loving emanations of the Lord and receive and share them, it is this time. May we all, insh'Allah, for the next two weeks, do as Dogen advises us and practice as though our hair were on fire.

That is of course particularly difficult for a man with as little hair as I have, but I intend to do my best.

Over the last few weeks, a number of people have asked me how to tell the difference between emotion — that is, ordinary feeling, the feelings we have every day — and true feeling, that is, real feeling, or feeling that comes from the individual authority of emotional intelligence.

I want to be quite clear in explaining that the individual authority of emotional intelligence is the organic sensation of feeling, that is, true feeling that is under the whole influence of feeling center only. Not “feeling” that has been provoked or manipulated under the authority of the intellect or (perhaps) the body. These two latter kinds of “feelings” are what we most commonly experience, and have nothing to do with real feeling. 

Real feeling is at the highest level of vibration that can be expressed by the organism under what we call "ordinary" circumstances, that is, circumstances related to the level we are on and the hierarchy we exist in. (Ordinal circumstances.) Because of this higher rate of vibration, real feeling has the opportunity to correspond to influences — energies that flow in — from higher emotional center. There is a parallelism or a mirroring that takes place here, in which all of the organism on this level can be realigned to correspond to the sacred influence of higher emotional center, which is connected to the angelic levels.

Don’t mistake this to mean that it is "from" angels. Angels are intermediary beings; but humanity is designed to receive these higher influences directly, without angels, under the right circumstances. While the receipt of such energies raises the sensitivity of Being into the angelic realms, it expresses and helps develop the individuality of the person receiving the energies, not an angel.

The energy of real feeling arrives as a sacred sense of the organic presence of God within our lives. The Psalms of praise in the Bible were each written by an individual under that influence; and each experience of this influence is an experience of the wholeness of God's love and His Mercy towards us. These are quiet and very private states, but I feel it necessary to write about them simply because so little is said today that legitimately springs directly from this organic sensation of feeling, which is objective and produces quite precise and absolutely consistent conditions within Being.

 In attempting to explain the difference between emotion and feeling to people I work with, I recently said that the difference is that we have emotions, but receive feelings. 

Individuals interested in understanding what the difference is, and whether they "know" what real feeling is, should begin by understanding that emotion is always colored by self-interest and relates to things of this level. This doesn't mean that emotion is bad or in any way unnecessary or ought to be avoided; what it does mean is that it is distinctly of this level and truly invites a powerful impulse towards identification. That is, I am unable to remain separated from my emotion, and I think that it is what I am, that it belongs to me. In thinking that emotion belongs to me, what I don't see is that actually the exact opposite is true; I belong to it. (For those who are intrigued by Mr. Gurdjieff's somewhat cryptic aphorism, like what it does not like, look here first.)  If one understands the difference it is quite impossible to confuse feeling with emotion. They are as different as apples and oranges.

We receive feelings. Feelings clearly demarcate the separation between ego and Being; and in doing so, they also clearly mark the line between what “I” am and what God is. 

That is to say, I know my place.

This understanding of place is essential in regard to any objective sense of Being. Real feeling instantly and wordlessly describes location, which is — as I explained in an earlier set of essays — an understanding that arises from feeling, not from geography or geometry. If we wanted to use analogy, we might say that the mind is adept at geography (maps); the body at geometry (the calculation of area and forms) — but feeling is adept at trigonometery— a science that emerged from astronomical studies.  

Feeling is an understanding  of a cosmological principle: where I am within the context of Love.

This is a critical question, because all of the universe arises from Love and entirely depends on it for the very fact of its existence. In the sense of what is real about the soul—the spiritual life of Being—that can only be determined by its proximity to Love and its ability to receive it. This is why this question of feeling is so essential to real inner work. One can work on sensation for many years; and one must. It is part of a hierarchy in which the rate of vibration within Being must be intensified before real feeling can be received: otherwise the chicken runs through the kitchen where the water is boiling, and we think we have chicken soup. 

But there’s no chicken soup unless the pot is well prepared and the chicken is received.

Well, this is a cute analogy, and a delightful one. We should thank Mr. Gurdjieff for both its ingenuity and lightheartedness. Yet the facts remain: first intellect; then the organic sensation of Being; then the organic feeling of Being. No three-toned cord can be whole without each note in its right order; and each note has a rate of vibration, from the lowest to the highest. You can't skip one note and then expect the chord to be whole.

I write these notes because I want to remind myself, as well as my readers, that there is nothing more sacred, more satisfying, or more nourishing for the soul than to know one's place and give thanks to God for where one is.

The sunspot that appeared today out of nowhere on the surface of the sun, facing directly towards Earth, after weeks of an absolutely spotless sun, is a sign of intention and an emanation of vibrations for the spiritual assistance of mankind. It will undoubtedly produce "bad results" in the general body of mankind due to the effects of solioonensius; but for those who work and pray, it sends help. 
Once again, this is such an important time to engage in real inner work and to attempt to practice Christ's most important instruction: 

Love one another as I have Loved you. 


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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