Monday, April 24, 2017

Feelings Change

Notes on April 23rd

There comes a moment when feelings change.

This is not a time of change in the ordinary emotions of the day; it's a deep and penetrating change in the understanding of what feeling means.

Feeling can become organic.

In doing so, it does not just become feelings that one has of oneself, by oneself, or about oneself.

Feeling has the capacity to become feeling of the planet, and feeling of the sun. It does so through the vehicle of life, which is a singular gift that has the capacity of developing this connection and magnifying it.

Those of you who are familiar with Christian prayer may be familiar with the ancient phrase, we worthily magnify Your holy name. This is a prayer offered to the Lord.

The Lord’s holy name is a single vibration that encompasses all of Being; and every life, completely realized, lived, absorbed, digested, and understood, is a facet of that single vibration. Like light — which looks like a single “color,” white, but has all the colors of the spectrum in it — a single life has all of the Lord’s holy name in it, because His name is written eternally and endlessly within each manifestation of Being. The organic development of feeling is a conscious sensation of that truth.

If feeling becomes organic, a depth arrives which reveals the sacred aspect of every moment in life. Absolutely everything that exists, every single object, event, circumstance, and condition is much more than just prayer, as Conge puts it (see Inner Octaves.) All that exists is part of the body of God, and is consciously connected to the expression of the body of God within its own being.

Because the consciousness of God extends so comprehensively from the top to the bottom of the universe — that is, from the collection of all of the galaxies that exist down to all of the subatomic particles that make them up — God does not find His expression, on each level, within the context of what we might call consciousness.

Yet God manifests absolutely in every single situation.

In this sense, our own lives are so precious and extraordinary that it is nearly impossible to understand them without developing the organic capacities for sensation and feeling. Even if we do develop those capacities, we understand from feeling, which has no words, so it isn’t possible to explain exactly what this experience of the sacred consists of. To be sure, it consists of a vibration in every cell of being — an actual, physical vibration of substance.

But it consists of more than that, because the vibrations combine in a different way to create an awareness that is superior, in its own sense, to vibration itself.

This awareness is not bound to time but exists in eternity, containing all of time within itself. We have the capacity to develop this awareness; and at the same time, we must live, because it is only through life and its intersection with this capacity that God’s greatest gifts can be recognized.

Jesus Christ’s great gift to mankind was an invitation to participate in this wholeness of Being which penetrates all of reality. In entering the body of Christ, one enters irrevocably into a realm which is wholly formed by the sacred. 

We are, of course, already within that body; yet we don’t sense it unless feeling becomes organic.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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