Sunday, March 5, 2017

Swine before pearls

My Friend Paul's Awesome Pig Farm
Rogers, AR

 It's funny what you see when you turn things upside down.

We all have a swine in us: a sweet, lovable, greedy, dirty little animal. It is, by turns, disgusting, venal, egoistic, violent, hungry, sexual, and, at the right moments, positively adorable. 

This is the person that I have in me, in any event; and I see people exactly like this in everyone else. So we all have this lower nature.

At the same time, every human being has a pearl in them, a beautiful spiritual essence. 

And it struck me this morning that whenever I misbehave, whenever I show the ass in me by acting like a jerk, by disrespecting other people, I am putting my own inner swine before the pearls in these other people.

 This principle of casting our swine before pearls, if one thinks about it, describes so much of what we do to each other. We use our swine to conduct our lives. There are always pearls; we have one in ourselves, and everyone else has one in them as well. Those pearls are white and pure and have a soft radiance that reflects the world around them; but we keep them clammed up as tight as possible if the oyster shells of our personalities and our ego.

Anyway it's a small thought, but to me, it was an interesting one. Perhaps you can roll it around on your tongue today and think about how often we are swine to one another. 

And how much we disrespect the sacred parts of each other when we do that.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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