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On the subject of angels, part III

The Annunciation
Bernhard Strigel
C. 1515-1520
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

Once an active opening to the inflow takes place, it is possible for angels to undertake direct visitation to humans; but once this opening is established in a person — which is what Jeanne Salzmann called making contact with “the big energy” (see Ravi Ravindra’s book, Heart without Measure) it is a quite dangerous moment. Any number of people who become open to the inflow easily allow it to come under the influence of the ego. (This is a perpetual danger for all spiritual aspirants, by the way, and underestimating the possibility for that happening at any point on the path is a very grave mistake.) So angels are sent to watch over those who have had the inflow opened in them to make sure that everything is all right.

When an angel does this, it announces its presence through emanations and spends some time in the room with the individual it is visiting — at night, almost invariably — entering the physical Being of the subject in question and inspecting it to make sure that a right alignment exists. Swedenborg described such molecular inspections of the human soul after death in Heaven and Hell; but in the case of help being sent, inspections of like kind take place in advance of physical death, for reasons which ought to be apparent if one thinks about it. One ought to note that after the inflow becomes active, such angelic inspections become a routine part of life. These questions are closely related to the question of sensation but it would require far too much to explain that here. Suffice it to say that once the inflow opens, one comes under continual examination. Those interested in a fascinating direct report of such a state should read Brother Lawrence’s Practice of the Presence of God.

This “help” takes place because God has a personal interest in making sure that those who receive the inflow for specific tasks are prepared enough to handle it. Direct visitations of this kind will probably take place more than once for those who are opened. Angels eventually become a source of comfort after one gets used to them; and once one understands their supervisory role, one tends to just accept them and let them do their work.

One doesn’t hear reports of this very often, because it is so rare for an actual opening of this to take place. In addition, these visitations and the relationship one has with the angelic realm are intensely personal ones, which confer specific responsibilities on the individual receiving the energy. So many mistaken doctrines and teachings about angels and their nature have been spread throughout mankind over the many centuries this has taken place that the Angelic Kingdom and even God Himself now take great care in how these events unfold. Conditions on the planet are not the same as they were, say, 1,000 or 2,000 years ago, and already even then the potential of such visitations to cause more harm than good was very real. For this reason, contact between God and humanity is sparing at best; and angels speak, when they do say anything, in whispers, not in loud voices.

Help from angels, after the initial visit, is much less necessary; with the inflow, the presence of God begins to enter and teach, and it does so in 10,000 subtle ways that cannot be explained in words. Angels, in other words, are truly intermediaries; and once a channel of communication is established, intermediaries become unnecessary, because God’s greatest wish is to come into a full relationship through his Glory, Grace, and Mercy — and in the intimacy of his Divine Love and Divine Wisdom — with individual persons. 

That is to say, through action of the inflow, an individual who develops is eventually bound into the higher levels of cosmic forces, in which they become capable of performing earthly services on behalf of God.

Of course, those who read this are probably going to wonder where all the visions of angels are. While we see some fairly spectacular descriptions of angels in the Bible, and quite a few people over the last two centuries have reported angelic visions or visions of the Virgin Mary, I can’t report any such visions myself. Such contact is, in my experience, completely unnecessary and smacks of sensationalism. 

There is no real need for the angelic kingdoms to communicate with light shows or lasers, except perhaps to convince those with very literal minds, who need more than a little convincing. Communication between mankind and God, in its most righteous, sacred, and purest manifestations is a wordless exchange of energies that impart all the information that is necessary without any visions. 

While I can report having had visions of various kinds, none of them proved to transmit any important intelligible information rather than certain teachings about the structural nature of the cosmos and the manifestation of Love on a quantum level. These are certainly beautiful things; and they are not completely inaccessible even to the average person, since hallucinogenic drugs can introduce one to such visions, though at great cost from an inner point of view. The point is that these excursions into the psychedelic realms — which are commonly depicted in Tantric Hindu and Buddhist art — tend to become a distraction when compared to the inward pursuit of the path towards God. 

So I’m not sure why one would need to see angels; or why one would even want to. The point is to enter into relationship with them, if they come; it is the inner vision of God that we wish to open, not the outer one of His magical creatures.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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