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God's wormholes

Detail from St. John the Evangelist at his Desk with his Symbol the Eagle
Gabriel Maelesskircher, 1478 

The membrane between God and the universe is permeable.

The best materialistic way to explain the way the barrier between God and man arises and is maintained (insufficient though it is) is to explain it in terms of dimensions and wormholes.

God, who is in His entirety all Love and all Goodness, exists as an essential quality beyond the universe. He is not elemental—and these properties of His are not elemental— because an element is material and His Love and Goodness are resident within all of The Reality (as Ibn al Arabi called God) which transcends the material. 

The Reality exists dimensionless and universal beyond our own universe; yet it flows into our universe through an infinite number of cosmological structures which amount to what we would call wormholes. All of The Reality flows into dimensional time and space by a process of osmosis; that is, each universe (for there are an infinite number of them) consists of a “depressurized” space, or a vacuum, that is at its inception bereft of Ideation, Love, and Goodness. 

Because the "pressure" between God and each universe is imbalanced, God flows into it naturally.

God flows into all creatures, and yet remains untouched by them all. He has no need of them. God gives nature the power to work, and her first work is the heart. 

Observe that all creatures prove that they have emanated and flowed forth from the divine nature, and they testify to this in their works. 
—ibid, p. 155

I am sure of this: if my soul were as prepared, and if God could find as much room therein as in the soul of our Lord Jesus Christ, He would fill her as perfectly with "this flood": for the Holy Ghost cannot hold back, but must flow in everywhere where he finds room, and to the extent that he finds room. 
—ibid, p. 322

God, furthermore, flows into each universe unimpeded and naturally, because each of the infinite universes is a natural and perfect extension of his nature and there can be no separation between the nature of God and the infinite creation that proceeds from Him. The law that creates the universes is as natural as every physical law that we observe on this level; and all of them have a nature and consistency that we see and understand (so far as we do see and understand them) to the extent that they must conform to this natural perfect law of God. Physicists and mathematicians have marveled about how precisely the universal constants are attuned to create life; yet this precision is a direct consequence of the nature of God and His creation. 

The intrinsic, underlying divine reality and intrinsic capacity to become manifest cannot produce anything else divine that is intrinsically real and has an intrinsic capacity to become manifest. Therefore another God of the same essence is impossible.

Emmanuel Swedenborg, True Christianity, Volume I, p. 27. The above quote from Swedenborg's  is succinct, and essential to understanding the following subject.  Check this link for an expanded version of his views on the subject.

I explained in my essays on the coincident multiverse that all of these universes must be of the same nature because of these laws. 

Now, some say that God is above law; and some, for example Ouspensky's seminary student, say that God is subject to law; but both of these understandings are entirely mistaken, because God is law in exactly the same way that God is God; law is His nature, and no creature can be above or below its own nature, nor is it subject to its nature. Nature and Being are one, and so God is in his Being law itself. This is what creates the universe. Because of this, we cannot have a different universe.

Reality is eternally (outside of time) and forever (within all of time) perfectly created by this flowing into by God’s perfection. I explained many years ago in Chakras and the Enneagram (an early and quite incomplete work) that this inflow is an inflow of love; and so we can understand that the law of all universes is, at its foundation, love. It is not love in the way we understand it, because it’s perfect love. The point is that this love is woven into the fabric of the universe we exist in below the quantum level, a level which we are able to effectively hypothesize, but cannot quite see from an instrumental point of view.

The infinite number of “wormholes” or interstices through which Divine Love flows into the universe create a fabric which weaves the entire state of creation together into a unity. Indeed, it can’t be any other way, because the permeable membrane between God and His creation is penetrated solely by love, thereby unifying everything at its source.

We call the initial penetration of God’s love through this membrane, into our own universe, the “Big Bang,” and physicists have correctly understood that this particular event, which appears to be unique to us, in fact takes place eternally and infinitely due to the nature of God and His fundamental Love. There is a cosmological outflowing into each creation that cannot be measured.

Now, as to the nature of God and his immortality. Gurdjieff indicated that even God can die; and to a certain extent, limited strictly to the lifespan of our own universe, he was correct. Yet what he actually meant by this (presuming he fully understood what he said, which is uncertain) is that this universe dies, and God in it dies with this universe. Because God lies beyond all universes, however, the death of God from the perspective of this universe is nothing more than the death of a single cell in a single leaf in a tree with an infinite number of cells and leaves. Even this analogy is inadequate because of course God is nothing like that; a tree dies, and the infinity of the godhood is invulnerable.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.


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