Thursday, January 19, 2017

God's wormholes, part III

Humanity is the Earth's nerve ends, through which planetary vibrations are received for transmission.

—Gurdjieff, during a meeting either June 30 or July 17, 1922

Divine love is the same from eternity to eternity. The nature God’s love has now and will have in the future is the same nature it had when creating the world.

If you understand all this in the right way, you will be able to see the universe as a coherent work from beginning to end, a work holding purposes, means, and results in indissoluble connection.

—Emmanuel Swedenborg, True Christianity

So, although these essays on God's wormholes are at least intriguing, you might wonder what the point of it is?


The point, for me, is that in this very instant we represent the inflow of God into His material creation. We are conscious representations of God's Love and its force of expression through us; and although, under ordinary conditions, we remain largely unaware of this, it is possible – through the development of a voluntary and awakened sensation — to directly experience the arrival of the presence of God through the permeable membrane of creation.

We rest on this side of that membrane; yet the "higher energies," the "finer materials" which Mme. Salzmann so emphatically calls on us to receive are, in point of fact, the receiving of the force of God's love itself as it arrives in this universe and manifests. Extraordinary spiritual possibilities rest in coming into relationship with this force. All of one's spiritual essence begins to align with God's love in a different and new way.

So we are able to consciously experience all of the cosmological phenomena which I have discussed in these three essays. Our organisms are designed to do precisely that; it's why mankind exists.

Generally speaking, creation— animals, plants, and so on— receives the manifestation of God's love through this permeable membrane that rests at the base of reality passively — that is, there is no conscious awareness of God's presence, just a unity with it.

Mankind, however, has the capacity for active, conscious awareness of this presence. That's a very different thing; because it implies a completely different responsibility.

 Sense yourself for a moment and understand your experience of life from this perspective. Relax enough to receive a hint of this subtle vibration of the divine which animates everything. It moves through us as a current; it enlivens everything that we do, all the emotions we feel, all the sensations we experience, all the thoughts that guide us. It is life itself; we receive life

So we do not have anything ourselves as we are; but we receive the manifestation of the divine within our Being. It does not belong to us, but is a gift we are meant to be responsible for.

 Every human is ultimately responsible for trying to understand this and what it means. 


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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