Monday, December 19, 2016

Outstanding and Most Gracious Love

There is an outstanding and most gracious Love that can flow into me.

That's a real thing; not an invention of the mind, not a construction of the imaginary conventions we all agree to abide by. 

It comes from being alive and receiving the Grace that is sent.

 Such an active force! And yet I don't sense it. I think I am myself; I think I belong to me. I think the things I gather, the rubble I pile up, is the aim of life. Life is placed and sourced outside of me.

There is so much of me that thinks and speaks this way. Yet whenever that outstanding and most gracious Love arrives — and it can come anytime, anywhere, because the Lord disposes exactly as He pleases — I see how clearly Truth flows into Being; how that Truth is everything, and I am nothing.

 It is possible to live that way. It may seem like a long way from where I am right now, or where I have to go today; but it is always ever just a tiny step into Truth and Being, even if I have to take that step many times in one day. There is always help if I want it. 

All I have to do is recognize that the aim of life is not my aim; and the Love that I am able to receive and express is not my Love.

 So for today, I will try to remember this outstanding and most gracious Love and come into contact with it. To let it penetrate me more thoroughly. I won't try to do anything to it or with it; I will just accept that force within Being and attempt to live in it and through it, without imposing my own conditions.

 Maybe we can take that journey together, today, even if we are in different places and have different lives; because the Love that animates us, the life we are given, is a single thing, not divided by time or space but always present within our Being.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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