Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A note of Grace

Agra, India

Something that has been much on my mind, and in my Being, over the last week in India.

It's possible for Grace, when it enters, to make me most deeply grateful for everything in life.

In this Grace, which helps me to encounter The Perfection more directly, I discover that every single thing in life is an extraordinary gift.  An immeasurable amount of Love has created this world; and an immeasurable amount of Love sustains it. It's easy to forget this within the anxieties of my imperfections; and it's even easier to ironically fail to perceive it even as I strive so zealously to do so. 

I too often forget that this perception is a gift from God, hard-won through suffering, and even then elusive. At all times, God gives gifts generously, but reveals them sparingly. This may sound like a contradiction; yet I know that if I encountered The Perfection constantly, it would most certainly kill me.

I don't mean that metaphorically. I am quite simply unable to live on a steady diet of vibrations at this level. Even the slightest taste leaves me, spiritually, moaning and helpless. 

Ah, what glory there is in the smallest things!

It has struck me many times over the last week, how magnificent and impossible even the simplest things are. One doesn't have to build a magnificent tomb of white marble and red sandstone, inlay it with gems, decorate it with paintings, to discover the glory of God. It can help — oh, yes, it can help, there is no doubt about it. But the glory of God can be discovered in one joint of the little finger; in one paragraph of a book; in one glimpse of a piece of stone. The Perfection is everywhere, and in all things.

When I encounter these moments, a simple bite of food fills me with a sacred reverence for all of life as I encounter it. That reverence is filled with a joyful sorrow that penetrates everything; and I know the very best and most distilled humility; the type that makes any whole life in that moment an offering to God.

 It's in moments like these that I understand I have it much better than I think I do; life, lived at its fullest depth, rather than its widest expanse, penetrates to the marrow of my Being. In these moments Love becomes apparent; mercy is a substance, not a thought; and gratitude flows abundantly. 

This is the exact moment of which the Psalms say, my cup runneth over.

I just wanted to pass this on to readers because it has occurred to me so often how perfectly marvelous life is, and how deeply thankful I am for all of it—even the utmost suffering.

This may be the best thing I have bought away from this past trip, with all the lofty thoughts that have been penned down in essays that will publish in future dates in February. The metaphysics and philosophies, investigations and ponderings, are no doubt worthy; but it is this deep and sacred feeling for life that truly brings value.

God bless you today.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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