Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tenth Anniversary—The Cosmology of All and Everything

This is the 10th anniversary of this web log.

Life has followed many unexpected trajectories since I began this enterprise; by the time this entry publishes (I am preparing it, as is not uncommon, over a month in advance) there will have been well in excess of 715,000 page views at this site.

This statistic becomes most meaningful in the context of service; because although it's quite true the space serves me first as my own personal diary of study and experience, it serves second the Gurdjieff Foundation and the Work as a public record of one student's perspectives, and it serves, third, all the individuals with a personal search—the "third force" who come to read it.

 Of the three, of course, you, the third source, are to me the most important. In the end, if this effort doesn't support the readers and their personal efforts, it supports very little. The whole aim is to bring a living work and movement of the present, today's world, to folk — not the historical record of a work of that kind that existed in the last century. We must, together, make an effort to bring a work of the living, not the dead.

One could go on and on.  I tend to. However, let's get on with the business at hand.

Today, I'm publishing an essay on the cosmology of All and Everything. The full text is available at the below link:

The Cosmology of All and Everything

The book, along with its cosmology, of course deserves to have much longer, more intelligent, and more detailed pieces written about it. That is to say, this work is entirely inadequate.  It simply represents a collection of thoughts that have been circulating in me for some time. Hence its title as a partial work. It is just a fragment of what ought to be said.

The essay is of course, a potential candidate for the annual All and Everything Conference, to whom thanks and kudos for their efforts in the international annual effort to investigate these questions. 

 I would also like to extend my thanks to my wife, who initiated the impulse to look at these questions; and to the members of the Louisiana and Arkansas Gurdjieff foundations, who, although they did not contribute directly to this work, participated in the seminal questions and exchanges that laid the foundation.

My thanks, as well, to the entire worldwide Gurdjieff and Fourth Way community for all the collective efforts to keep questions of this nature alive in today's fractured world.

 And finally, a special thanks to the readers who have come back year after year; the readers who have only come once; the readers who have not yet come but will. A writer and his or her readers form an organism together; this is a mysterious process of creating shared value and meaning. In today's world, we depend on the creation of positive value and positive meaning to fight against all of the destructive things that surround us. I hope we can keep doing it together. On that note, don't miss the last portion of the essay in which some connections between Gurdjieff's work and Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning come up.

Insh'Allah, there will be future anniversaries of this space. 

Until then, may God bless you all.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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