Thursday, September 8, 2016

On Solar Emanations, Part II

As Gurdjieff pointed out,

"...although science appeared among them from almost the very beginning of their arising and, like everything else there, periodically reached a more or less high degree of perfection, and though millions of so-called 'scientists' must have arisen among them, not once did the thought enter the head of any one of them... that there is any difference whatever between the two cosmic phenomena they call 'emanation' and 'radiation.'"

—Beelzebub's Tales, P. 135

Let me just mention here that radiation, which belongs to the right or descending side of the enneagram, is on the whole destructive; emanation, which belongs to the right side, is constructive. The first is material, the second is spiritual; and their two actions are mutually codependent. Readers ought to contemplate this carefully, as it is a rich area for inquiry and questioning.

The point of the current discourse is to distinguish more precisely between two different kinds of solar emanations. The sun actually emanates a wide variety of energies, both natural and spiritual, and these energies serve a vast range of purposes within the solar system and its environs, all of which are related to the evolutionary development of the solar system, its planets, and even the sun itself. Today we're going to discuss the difference between energies emanated by sunspots, which produce what Gurdjieff called "solioonensius," and the energy emanated by coronal holes, which produce gaps in the sun's magnetic field and release solar winds.

Solioonensius is, as Gurdjieff describes it, a process whereby "help" is sent to three brained beings (in our case, humans.) This energy manifests, in properly receptive Being, as a much deeper and more grounded sensation of Being, one in which one's inner gravity is more perfectly aligned and one's sensation of self undergoes a corresponding realignment towards the vertical. The entire sensation of self then acquires a correct religious understanding, that is, one instinctively and correctly senses one's place in the cosmos and the mysterious but absolutely ubiquitous presence of the Lord. This is, of course, the feeling of "religiosity" which Gurdjieff described, which is only properly understood once one senses the powerful and irrevocably sensate and emotive properties of the emanations as they are received. Solioonensius creates, in a word, an inner revolution through Grace; and this is the help we can receive if we are properly prepared for its action.

Sunspots emanate Divine Presence even in the absence of CME's, but in subtler form. With or without flares, the receiving of solar emanations of this order opens human beings to the Divine inflow in greater measure: we receive a greater portion of the energy of the Holy Spirit.

Summarizing the action of solioonensius, it's important to understand that while it makes it possible to revitalize one's sense of the sacred—presuming one's inner work is active—and immeasurably deepens the active sensation of Being, it is not a form of work per se, but a form of Grace—a gift that accelerates inner development.

This discussion will conclude in the next post. 


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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