Monday, August 15, 2016

Thought and awareness


 I was walking the dog yesterday, and it came to me in the moment how absolutely unconditional God's Love is.

It sounds theoretical to say that God loves me just as I am, that he loves all of us just as we are — unconditionally loves us — and in most senses, for most of us, most of the time, it is. But it is possible to have an organic experience of this in which the absolute, rather than the philosophical, nature of God's love penetrates us so that we see it with awareness, rather than thought.

 We confuse awareness with thought all the time. They are actually not the same thing at all. It's possible to have complete awareness without any thought whatsoever. That experience can be extended; and if it comes, it may well be alarming. I'm speaking, of course, about having this experience in the middle of every day life, not with one's eyes closed while one is contemplating the darkness of one's inward being.

This awareness contains God's love within it, because it is essentially receptive to His Truth. We are able, if we make spiritual effort, to dwell directly within God's Truth at any moment in our lives; but we don't do this by thinking our way into it. We do this by coming into relationship with the feeling sensation of being, and waiting.

The feeling sensation of being is a form of organic awareness that doesn't have thought in it. It is the Being of the second brain, that is, the body. Once that awareness is awakened, if it participates with the mind, there is what one would call a two centered awareness that can await for the third center to participate. If this feeling-sensation then arrives to contribute its own non-thought awareness, we participate in life with all three centers. Then one can wait some more; and if one is fortunate and quiet, as though one was  watching birds and patiently waiting for one to come near, God's Truth can enter us.

 I have seen this. It is a way that we can know what real Love is.

 This property of loving us just as we are is wholly sufficient; that is, it doesn't need anything added to it. In the same way, unto God, we are wholly sufficient. Nothing needs to be added or subtracted; everything needs to be honored, just as it is. Awareness honors in a way that thought is unable to. There is a sweetness to this.

We can come into a relationship between ourselves and the Lord in this way that is quite simple. It doesn't need the scripting that we want to apply to everything we encounter.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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