Sunday, August 28, 2016

How the Lord speaks to us, part III

Well, you know, this is the third part of my little essay on how the Lord speaks to us.

It might seem arrogant for me to presume to tell you these things, but it's my responsibility to pass on how the Lord speaks to people, because so few people hear Him these days or can report accurately and from personal experience on what He wants mankind to know. It has fallen on my shoulders — absolutely unworthy shoulders, so much so that I should be ashamed of them – to take on this task, and this is a question I cannot explain. No man knows why God gives us the tasks He gives us.

 It is very important for everyone to know that God's love is so infinite and so merciful, and that there is really nothing but love present at all times. You should know this. Your life, formed exactly as it is now, is a whole thing given to you out of love alone. Your life represents an individual manifestation of God's love in living action. Your life itself receives the love of God and arises from it.

Mankind has grown very far apart from God — our sin magnifies itself by day and by night — and all of the ancient ways are slowly being forgotten. God sees this, but He does not want us to fall away too far from Him, and so He is sending many reminders in these terrible times, in which hell shouts its own power, so that we will not forget Him or His promises to us.

 If any man or woman were to abandon everything else and rush to God to pray on bended knee for their salvation, how quickly he would answer them! But we are modern people, and no one believes this. One has to go back to the Middle Ages to understand the time when these things were still understood. We have been falling away more and more from an understanding of God ever since those times; the great flowering is long over. The things that appear to us to be strong — our rationality and our technology — are actually the weakest parts of us, and are slowly destroying both our societies, our cultures, our traditions, and even the planet we live on.

We're terribly confused about this and we are so much in love with these things — rationality and technology — that we refuse to believe in their destructive power, even though it manifests itself more and more with every passing moment. To be sure, there have been other moments of reckoning in human history — but this is an astonishing one.

It's very important to turn back to the ways of the soul and to establish a daily practice of prayer now. This must be secret, private, and bathed in the deepest of humilities. If we do not go into ourselves and an act of universal contrition, we will not receive the grace we need to see us through this.

The grace is abundantly available; but it cannot come, if we don't ask for it.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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