Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Always the first thing

 We woke up this morning on an overcast day. It's damp outside, feeding the foliage with goodness. I am filled with a quietly satisfied sense of Being which doesn't demand a lot of addition in order to have meaning.

My wife and I were lying in bed and she was discussing an argument she is having with a movements teacher from another city. This other movements teacher wants to split points of doctrine and argue about how a movement should be done correctly.

 Everyone wants to be the boss, don't they?

It's interesting how we want to stand on protocol. Christ's objections to the scribes and Pharisees were that they were just such people; they want to write things down, keep track of them, and have doctrinal arguments about them. We all run into a lot of this.

Yet this misses the point. The molecular sensation of Being, the feeling sensation of Being, is always the first thing that we ought to inhabit.

This permanent sensation of Being, which ought to be a vibrant, intimate, molecular and emotional foundation to our entire lives, is generally missing. Especially when we start using the intellect. Once that takes place, we grasp everything at hand and weaponize it; we forget compassion, and love, and all the other gentle things we ought to bring to one another, and we fashioned spears with pointy ends that we stick in one another.

Being always ought to come first. One doesn't need to have arguments if one inhabits Being in a proper way. If one starts there, it is possible to receive life in a way that's quite different.

We have the potential to deeply understand the ideas of Glory, Grace, and Mercy. Not to just understand them as concepts, but to live within the practical action of their force. This can be a remarkable thing; life begins here.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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