Sunday, June 19, 2016

Perfecting the higher being-bodies, Part IV

Once we understand the meaning of this phrase, coating and perfecting the higher being-bodies— an understanding, I might point out, that is readily available if one thinks carefully about it — we see how it actually unlocks a key to the entire range of inner work.

 The being bodies are "perfected" — made complete, accomplished, without flaw — by being connected to one another in a reflection of the ray of creation. The process thereby assumes the cosmological dimensions of inward planetary and solar system formation; and the place of suffering and compassionate forgiveness become apparent in the revealing of relationship as the essential part of the process of reconnecting all the different centers.

Three brained beings, in other words, are not just tasked with reconnecting the three brains they have in the ordinary planetary body — the task is to reconnect all the brains, in every being body, and thereby reassemble the cosmos in the exact same relationship that His Endlessness intended when the cosmos was created.

 What I find most fascinating about this discourse is a result I did not anticipate when I set out to write this piece. That is the point of how relationships function, and how absolutely essential compassionate forgiveness is to the healing of all relationship, which is always flawed. Compassionate forgiveness is, if you will, another name for Mercy — and so the idea of coating the higher being bodies is actually, once one understands it completely, a path to understanding why Mercy is the greatest quality of God. None of the structure could function, you see, without Mercy: if relationships are to be whole within the context of all the flaws built into every part, they can only do so through this property, which must be reciprocal.

 It's a mistake, I think, to focus on the higher levels as though they were important at the exclusion of the lower ones. The cosmos, with all of its implications, is an entire entity, and one can't take any of the parts away without damaging that wholeness. The point of coating the higher being bodies is to reconnect the wholeness, not go and inhabit a loftier individual part of it. In a very real sense, inhabiting and encompassing the entire range of spiritual and human experience involves a willingness to inhabit all the parts of it — the higher, the middle ground, and the lower. All of the parts need to be brought back together in relationship, with compassionate forgiveness, in order for Being to reach its full potential.

 This idea of an inward compassionate forgiveness, which ought to be global, ubiquitous, and comprehensive, is an interesting one. One begins to get a taste of what that means when digesting the Sorrow of His Endlessness; in that simple act lie lessons that one cannot write down in words.


Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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