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Glory, Grace and mercy and the Law of Three, Part III: honor and obedience

If we’re able to consciously sense the three forces in us, and at least have the beginning of an understanding of how they act within our own being, we see that in our daily lives and our ordinary activities, we perpetually and continually embody all three of these forces, because they’re integral to the movement and momentum of all arising manifestation and relationship. 

I am born of an intellect, so to speak; I manifest that intellect through the exercise of energetic forces; and I suffer the consequences of that manifestation through emotional being. 

In each action of life, human beings embody Glory, Grace, and Mercy, as they steadily rotate through the different positions they successively occupy in the diagram. That progression is, furthermore, orderly; forces cannot manifest outside their lawful context, or in a position other than the one that currently belong to:

Glory (faith) gives birth to Grace, which gives birth to Mercy. 
Grace (love) gives birth to Mercy, which gives birth to Glory.
Mercy (hope) gives birth to Glory; which then must give birth to Grace. 

Each of these forces act in concert with one another in the successive iterations where, to all appearances (to us, that is) they change their nature. But they each have a three-centered nature; so their nature never changes, it is just the aspect of their nature which dominates in the position we find them in that undergoes a change. 

It's like looking at an object from different points of view; the globe may have different aspects and appearances on different sides of itself, but it is still a whole, single sphere. 

Those who have read my book on Glory, Grace, and Mercy (free) will recall the place of honor and obedience; and one might ask, where do these fit in this picture? One doesn’t, after all, see them in the diagram as named forces. 

In order to understand honor and obedience, one has to understand it from the point of view of the natural and spiritual side of the diagram. 

On the natural side of our lives, under the influence, as we are, of materiality, desire, power, we honor by recognizing that conscious labor binds these three forces together in a field of awareness that acknowledges the truth of our position within the material embodiment of the universe. 

The left, or spiritual, side of the diagram embodies obedience, which is the consequence of the acknowledgment on the first side. 

That is to say, through being, purification, and wisdom, we obey the commandments of God, that is, our manifest spiritual destiny. 

Jesus Christ fully embodied this particular aspect of the diagram. But he could not do so before He first experienced the conscious labors of mankind, that is, he became human. 

So I honor with my natural parts, and obey with my spiritual ones; and each one of them involves embodiment and acknowledgment of the three separate internal forces which are bound together within the action. 

To honor is a three centered work of conscious labor acknowledging materiality, desire, power; and obedience is a three centered work and bodying being, purification, and wisdom. 

So we have two three centered works embodied within the enneagram, each one of them driven by the three centered forces of Glory, Grace, and Mercy, which rotate throughout the situation as an engine driving the evolution of being forward.

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Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor at Parabola Magazine.

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