Sunday, April 17, 2016

The life of the soul itself

There is an endless abundance that flows from the Lord which is expressed in all His creation.

We are within this abundance even as you read this, although perhaps it is just a proposition, hypothesis, or an idea for us, and we can't sense or feel it. 

Yet that abundance is eternal and real and we are able, through prayer and sacrifice, to open our hearts and souls to that abundance in such a way as to directly participate. I say this because it is true, not some thing one reads in books, imagines, or merely wishes for. 

Never doubt it.

Every human being ought to rightly turn all their efforts towards this inward opening, since there can be no greater gift in life than this life of the soul itself. In righteousness, we strive to know within the very marrow of our bones that such a thing is possible. 

This was called magic in the old world; but it is the true magic, the inner magic, not the nonsense magic of events and things in the outer world. That kind of magic, even when it happens, is a false magic and a worthless one when compared to the magic of the soul itself.

This true magic of the soul which is sent by the Lord is the transformation of the lead of our lives (an honorable but base metal) into the gold of the kingdom of heaven. 

One taste of this kingdom is worth a thousand lives; after such a taste, one knows the Glory of the Lord directly, and there is no other knowing needed.

I can't describe what one pays for this because it is so deeply inner; but while it costs all we are, it is well worth the price, and one pays willingly—even eagerly. The Perfection is at hand then; and the Perfection migrates from an outer circumstance which we participate in into an inner one where we are allowed, through Grace, to dwell.

 All the psalms are about exactly this abundance and this inward transformation of abundance. Did you know that? It's true; but they are just pale mirrors of the abundance of the Lord.

One might think there are better things than this in life, but that isn't so.

Take heart, then, and know that the Lord is with you.


Lee van Laer is a senior editor at Parabola Magazine.

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