Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Help from the sun, part III

Lee van Laer 2016

 So, a little bit more on my observations about the sun.

 As I was saying in the last post, we seek to come under higher — in our own case, in this solar system, solar — influences when we work. 

In order to do this, we must first lay a firm foundation of sensation planted in lower influences within us. Both feet on the ground, as the saying goes. Then we're in a position of stability from which we can receive something higher. 

All of the many things said about the inward center of gravity are about this stability and the need to locate oneself within it. That action itself, more than many others, becomes strongly dependent on influence from the sun, since the help from the sun powerfully magnifies our inward center of gravity and helps to align it with a polarity that imparts verticality to our inward structure.

Those who understand what I am speaking of here ought to, if they're more interested, spend some time correlating the manifestation of the inward sense of gravity with solar flares. Every time the inward sense of gravity suddenly and most powerfully magnifies itself and creates this alignment which can come to be so known so well, take a look at current activity on the sun. You'll find that almost without exception, every solar flare powerfully produces and deepens the inner gravity of sensation of Being at the instant that it arises; and, in fact, that most sunspot activity in general produces energy that feeds one's inner growth of Being. Coronal holes have a slightly different but corresponding effect; filaments likewise.  The action is attractive and progressive, because once one has gold, one can get more gold. This is one of the most essential and esoteric secrets of alchemical teachings: "gold" is the material—the substance—from the sun.

I've been observing this inward action and tracking its correspondence to this activity for some number of years now. At first it astonished me; now, I simply remain fascinated, but above all, grateful.

This interesting phenomenon was well known to ancient peoples who had no idea of the instrumentation we deploy today in our effort to understand the sun. In those ancient cultures, the level of work within schools was high enough that people acquired an understanding of where these energies came from without needing to resort to technology; and Gurdjieff brought us this understanding because he himself already was, as he used to say, "in the solar energy business."

I'm not quite sure exactly how much Jeanne de Salzmann understood of this matter, as it pertains to our dependence on solar assistance. A great deal, perhaps; yet I don't see a precise clarity in her texts on sensation, and those who I work with closely — many of whom worked with her very closely for many years, even as family members — don't have many stories about her speaking about this. It seems the technical understanding may help some people who feel her instructions are difficult to penetrate, if only by linking various materials in Ouspensky's writing, and Beelzebub's Tales, to this overall question of work with sensation. Although it manifests within us, of course, as strictly and deeply personal —  as it should, as it must — it is a cosmological function of which we are all small parts. 

Understanding the machinery may help us to avoid grinding some of our inner gears as we attempt to see how we fit into the picture.


Lee van Laer is a senior editor at Parabola Magazine.

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