Friday, April 8, 2016

Help from the sun, part I


Lee van Laer, 2016

I see from my work with others that there's a great deal of confusion and a lack of understanding about the precise nature of organic sensation, the sensation of Being, and ordinary sensation, which is a quite different thing.

I'll do my best to offer my own experience to readers so that they can gain a more precise understanding, if only in the mind, for now.

Everyone should understand first that ordinary sensation arises in and of the body. It belongs to the body, and it has an exponentially lower rate of vibration than the organic sensation of Being. There is another critical difference; ordinary sensation of the body is always passive — even if I engage it and work with it — and the organic sensation of Being is active. That is because ordinary sensation is mechanical, and the organic sensation of Being is conscious. The organic sensation of being is a conscious manifestation at the lowest levels, the foundation, of Being itself.

In order to understand this better, one needs to understand the exact location that the organic sensation of Being occupies in what we call the Ray of Creation, which reproduces itself quite precisely in humanity in a miniature form. The organic sensation of Being is the awakening of the lower octave, the one underneath humanity, whose material representatives are atoms, molecules, and, in direct contact with the microcosmos, cells. Those interested in biology will note that cells work directly with molecules — this is a bridge between the active and conscious organic life of the microcosmos directly below us, and the mechanical (relatively speaking) action of the physical world.

In any event, the organic sensation of Being is an active force that awakens, of itself, not a passive force I work with. I need to work very intimately and quietly and in great detail within myself to begin to taste the action of this force.  This force is founded on a substance that arises actively; Jeanne de Salzmann offers a detailed description of it in The Reality of Being, # 113: The Substance of "I." I won't quote it here; readers should become responsible to look at it for themselves.

 In this chapter, which is assembled from several different groups of notes in her diary, she makes a number of important points about understanding and working with the sensation, but one can't understand anything she's saying unless one understands the specific distinction between these two forms of sensation.

The organic sensation of Being arises at the exact point where the ordinary sensation of the body and the ordinary existence of the body touch the octave below us, which is a critical point of transmission. That point within Being, which bridges mechanical physical and subtle spiritual forces, is where being flows downward to give life to the octave below it; and this is what one feels when one feels the organic sensation of Being: the flow of that force or energy, which is material. Now, she talks a good deal about "how" to work with that energy; and while everything she said is excellent, one ought to remember that one has to discover one's own understanding of this work, and follow the laws, logic, dictates, and intuitive action of the energy as it arises within oneself. Merely aping her own method of working is not enough, and may lead a person to attempt to force the action rather than to work properly on their own.

It is not an imitative work.

Therefore I will not give instructions on how to work with this energy, although there are ways other than the ways she describes.

In the next essay, I'll talk a little bit more about this subject.


Lee van Laer is a senior editor at Parabola Magazine.

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