Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Working With Energy

I would just like to remind us that we are responsible for directly taking in a finer, higher energy and working with it.

Every day.

There is a goodness in all things that is present and available, but only if I myself am present and available. That goodness is a mysterious and inherent goodness that arises from the presence of God’s intimate and direct emanations in the arising of all things; and we can sense it any time, if we do our inner work according to our responsibility. We are made, in fact, to always sense this sacred quality of Being, which is a quality of vibration.

This sacred goodness is forever to be found in the smallness of things and needs to be sensed accordingly. The larger the scale upon which I base my perception and my work, the further away I am from this finer perception which is needed in order to receive this food of goodness. So I need to pay quite close attention to that which is near me, and of small size and small nature. These small things are not at all minor—but I need to learn to sense that organically.

Receiving this finer energy must become our direct responsibility. One needs to become to present to it all day long, in the midst of ordinary life (not some special condition) and one becomes responsible for taking this finer energy into one’s Being all day long and trans-substantiating it so that it is digested into Being.

If I’m not in relationship with this higher energy on a regular basis during my day, I cannot work properly and in fact I only dream of working. So I want to take this energy into Being and apportion it appropriately, so that it accomplishes three tasks in my daily life:

—There’s a first part of it that’s taken in at once and preserved so as to feed my inner growth and life.

—There’s a second part of it that’s shared generously and at once, to support the life of those around me.

—There’s a third part of it that’s returned at once to the Lord as prayer and praise.

We ought, I think and hope, to understand from the above that this all takes place “at once,” that is, it’s a work in the moment, not something that’s put aside for a later event. The energy ought to be engaged with in a dynamic and immediate way, so that I am always present to it and always active in regard to it.

Again I would emphasize that we ought to be engaged in this work every day, always beginning with our organic sensation.


Lee van Laer is a senior editor at Parabola Magazine.

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