Thursday, December 17, 2015

The hand that shapes me

I remember from many years ago how the sensation of God being directly with me is sometimes like the sensation of great invisible hands holding me; and this morning I wish to also speak a little about that, in light of the post I wrote earlier, which was posted day before yesterday.

I have hands, and I know that I can shape things with them. I have done this instinctively in many ways since I was young, and I have shaped many things. 

I think these are my hands, and the shapes I make are my shapes; yet this isn't quite right, is it? I'm not myself; I am a representative of the Lord, and everything that is shaped is not shaped by me, but through me. 

The Lord acts in exactly the same way that the hand acts: He reaches out, He touches, and events and things are shaped by Him. 

Thus the Lord is in one way much like hands, and we have hands because we are much like Him.

 The difference is that his hands are conscious hands, hands composed of the Perfection and of consciousness itself, and we are at best mere digits of them — at best. We seek to become more conscious because to the extent that we are aware of the Lord — which is the point of having more consciousness, not to serve ourselves, but to serve Him — his hands can act through us. The more conscious we are, the more perfectly.

Of course we’re never perfect. Yet I do urgently need to understand myself more clearly in terms of opening myself to the influence of the hand that shapes me. Without the divine energy that gives me Being, that enters me and causes me to act, I am nothing. 

I always think that energy is me and that I have something of my own; it's only when I can begin to draw a distinction and see that I am simply the product of the hand that shapes me that I begin to understand anything new about life. At that point, so often, it's much easier to let go, because I can find relief in the idea that it isn't all about me and what I do. 

I don't have to be God. 

We live in a world where everyone thinks they have to be God — after all, what do you think terrorists are doing? They think they need to do God's work for Him, like everyone else — they just have a much more grim view of what God's work is.

Well, hopefully we'll do better than that. In any event, nobody needs to do God's work for Him. We cannot do God's work for Him. When we try to, it is as though our hands decided to do things for us without us agreeing, for example, they decided to break eggs and make an omelette at a moment when we urgently feel that what is necessary is to till the fields. (I know this is an old-fashioned analogy, but there you are.) 

Yet I always think that I’ll do God's work for him, don't I? 

I think I can do.

 This sensation of the hand that shapes me can become quite organic and physical, quite organic and emotional. It doesn't have to be just a thought in my mind. It has the potential to be all of me. 

Then something different can happen in me, because the influence of real Love can enter me and help me to grow inside.


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