Thursday, December 3, 2015


Announcing various new books, available in the iTunes bookstore.   Readers can go to my book page for a complete list of all books now available. Some are free.

There has been an update to The Universal Enneagram; readers who downloaded the PDF can use the original link to download the new version, which includes three new chapters. If you don't have the link, contact me.  Readers who downloaded the book from iTunes can download an updated copy free.

 Glory, Grace and Mercy is free at the link on my book page. Readers interested in connections between the Gurdjieff work and Christian practice will find this book of particular interest.

A Great Big Bag of Money is a crime novel about a recovering alcoholic  who finds — you guessed it — a great big bag of money. Mayhem ensues. I plan to have this available in PDF format over the weekend, but right now, it can be downloaded from the iBookstore for those with Apple products.

 The Wizard Fanghorn is a free book of fairy tales. There is a mixture of juvenile and adult material in this book. Some of it has esoteric significance, some of it is just for fun.

 Bosch decoded: the esoteric Bosch, volume 2 is a major new work on paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, which is under edit and will not be available until January 2016.

Sacro Bosco  is a free book about the extraordinary mannerist garden designed by Pier Francesco Orsini. This garden is a fascinating place. The book is extensively illustrated with photographs by the author. 

Reasons Why the Dead Don't Speak contains two stories about death, quite different from one another. It's free. Insofar as it's possible to enjoy death, enjoy.

 Regards to all my readers.


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