Sunday, December 13, 2015

An organic understanding of love, part II-the exact nature of our Being

So I come to report what I mentioned to my wife this morning (December 10) in regard to an organic understanding of how to come to—and work with—a much finer energy.

 Our Being arises, quite literally, in the energy between the atoms in us.

This is not a subjective understanding, but a simple truth. All of our Being first arises at this very basic root level.

So if we want to participate in experiencing and understanding the energy in us, we need to move "downward" within the nature of our awareness to a very fine, very intimate, and very detailed sense of what we are, since our being arises in this vibration between the atoms.

To make it a bit simpler and less nerdy and "quantum–ish," let's say for the time being that the sensation of being arises from the energy exchanged between our cells, because that is close enough.

We need to pay a much closer attention to the nature of our sensation through an intimacy on the cellular level. Now, I am well aware of the fact that this sounds like an abstraction, but that's because we don't trust our sensation enough to participate with it at that level.  We ought to; we just don't.

It is down there. It arises there. All of our nature is invested there from the beginning, and rises up from it.  Whether we want to or not, we participate quite naturally and organically in that energy, but we don't sense it consciously.

So our task is to play a much closer and more intimate attention to the spaces between our cells and the very fine energy of life itself that arises in them.

This is a whole energy that penetrates the entire body and is unusually receptive to higher influences. In point of fact, an intimate relationship with this energy is exactly what opens the body and the parts that need to be coated with higher substances. Yet we need to become much more sensitive and attentive, much more detailed in our attention to ourselves, and equally detailed in an intimate relationship to our breathing and our sensation, in order for this energy to better awaken and receive the influences — the inflow — of the divine substances that raise us into a closer relationship with the exact nature of our Being.

 The question is one of being present in the immediate moment to this vibration. Once one senses it actively, it is forever interesting and forever mysterious. One will never lack for a friend in the nature of one's organic sensation of Being. It comes before all other interests and poses a question about the nature of Being that can never be answered. One ought to investigate it with all of the joy that the grace of the Lord bestows on us with His Presence; and indeed, that is exactly how one understands it, since there is no other understanding that can come.

 This energy that flows inward, this influence, is essentially an inherently loving one, and cannot have any other aspect. That's what it is, that's all. Inner Work means bringing this energy into our lives each day, all day, and doing our best to be present to the relationship with this energy in the same way that it is present to us.

If the organic sensation of Being arises at the cellular level and our awareness participates, the experience of Love takes on an entirely active character. Until this happens, we don't realize that our relationship to Love — real Love — has always been passive. Speaking from my own experience, I can't imagine any change in Being more profound than this one; although it does not release us from the ever present fact of what we are, which is quite separate from and lower than this Perfect Love.

 The aim is to help this Perfect Love blend with essence more deeply.

That is no easy thing, and brings its own demands, which I can't outline in an essay.


Lee van Laer is a senior editor at Parabola Magazine.

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