Thursday, November 19, 2015

The inflow

There is an inflow from God into us.

This inflow comes into our souls because the soul is the inmost and highest part of us. The inflow from God reaches that part first and then comes down into the things below and enlivens them, depending on our openness to what flows in. 

Of course, truths that will become part of our faith do indeed flow in through our hearing and are implanted in our mind, which is below the soul; but all these truths do is prepare us to accept what flows in from God through our soul. The quality of that preparation determines the quality of our acceptance and of the transformation of our earthly faith into spiritual faith.

The notion that there is one God flows into our souls from God because everything that is divine, as a whole and in every detail, is God. 

—Emmanuel Swedenborg, True Christianity, pages 9-10.

This inflow is the selfsame higher energy that we seek to open to. 

It is a material influence, a substantial material that flows inward to us; not a psychological transformation, but a physical one.

We submit to the will of God only to the extent that we receive; this is a different task and calling  than tasks and callings of the mind and of the natural world.


Lee van Laer is a senior editor at Parabola Magazine.

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  1. amen. The only thing that seems uncertain is that many claim they are acting on the will of god.....but the history of these claims is not pretty. Crusades, Jihads....all in the name of 'god'. Which is presumably why G claimed he didn't care who one the 2nd w.war.


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