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Glory, Grace, and Mercy, part VIII: The Inner Gravity of Being

In order to understand what I am about to say next, it’s first necessary to read and understand the essays on Glory, Grace, and Mercy, and the relationship of these three Great Qualities of God to the enneagram. 

Specifically, it is vital to understand that the three qualities play the roles, respectively, of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (Glory, Grace and Mercy, in that order) and that taken together these three qualities embody the Holy Trinity.

The Holy Trinity is not a separated entity, however; as has been taught for many generations in Christian theology, the trinity is actually a single Being. That single Being is Love; so Glory, Grace and Mercy are all "second-order" aspects of Love. Taken together they form, visually speaking, a perfectly stable and perfectly balanced entity, the equilateral triangle of the enneagram. 

That triangle represents, in its entirety, Love; and one of the secrets of the enneagram is that the triangle (the Law of Three) always represents Love, in every iteration of the diagram, no matter what subject is applied to it, since Love is the Great Force of creation that causes the universe to come into Being, and all things to flow within it. (See Chakras and the Enneagram.) Of course the Law of Three has to represent and embody Divine Love, since it is the first order of law that emanates from the most Holy and Absolute presence of God; yet you will notice that this more-or-less obvious fact is never spoken about among Gurdjieff students.

We learn from this that Gurdjieff’s conscious labor and intentional suffering are both in fact second-order, or directly derivative, expressions of Divine Love; and once we hear that, it becomes surprisingly obvious. Of course they have to be aspects of Love, otherwise it would be impossible for them to be effective in their role as Forces that fill the shocks. What else, in the end, could possibly serve?

Love, as in the Law of Three, is the Force that informs (inwardly forms) the enneagram. All of the activity that takes place in the multiplications (142857, 285714, etc.) is governed by this stabilizing force which completely anchors the diagram. The other forces in the diagram cannot operate effectively without this stabilizing presence.

Love—that is, Glory, Grace, and Mercy— is actually the force of gravity. 

Gravity is the stabilizing force in all systems; it is what makes order possible, because of the way in which it gathers matter together according to principles of attraction. It functions in this way on both a macroscopic and microscopic scale; Love draws elements, both material and spiritual, into relationship with one another in organized systems. This is the force of intelligence which drives all the perceived order in the universe.  

We can thus say Glory + Grace + Mercy = Love, = gravity, which is the formula, more or less, that runs the universe. It creates both the attraction of material physical gravity—which cannot be explained using ordinary physical law, since it arises directly from the emanations of Divine Love and has a transcendental and otherworldly source—and spiritual gravity, which binds the world together in relationships. Either way, instruments can’t measure the force that creates gravity simply because it arises directly as a result of Love. (Those who wish to understand this better ought to read Swedenborg’s explanations regarding a person’s attractions, intentions, and loves, which primarily and ultimately govern everything that is possible for them, both on earth and in heaven or hell.)  

Spiritual gravity is of course a quite different entity than material gravity. It arises within the inner receiving of Glory, Grace, and Mercy, which need to become active in Being. Glory, Grace and Mercy arise within inner processes according to the inflow, that is, they are inspired by receiving the influence of higher energy, which is the selfsame influence, i.e. inflow, described by Jeanne de Salzmann. 

De Salzmann was emphatic about receiving this energy simply because unless it is received, the material needed to form a three-centered Being that can receive Love, and thus be further inwardly formed by it, does not have a durable kernel around which to crystallize; or, put in another way, there is no inner center of gravity, since that inner center of gravity must be formed by these three holy substances.

The inner center of gravity, which forms to receive the inflow, was referred to (rather parenthetically and to some extent inaccurately) as magnetic center by Gurdjieff in his conversations with Ouspensky. The conversations never revealed the vitally religious aspect of this inner quality, which was characterized more or less as an organ or thing (again, somewhat inaccurately) which conferred the ability to acquire better inner understanding—which is accurate, to some extent, though the Divine origin of that understanding was not discussed. We can presume it was Ouspensky’s objections to matters of faith, and Gurdjieff’s awareness of same, that caused him to avoid explaining the situation in more precise terms to Ouspensky. This left some of the more interesting esoteric features, which we cover here, out of the picture.

To come under the influence of higher energies (or, higher centers, as Gurdjieff called them) means, literally, to have these energies flow into one’s Being; and, furthermore, to have the capacity to absorb those energies. This is the meaning of the parable of the sower; seeds (Grace and Mercy) that flow into persons not prepared to receive them can’t grow properly. What prepares that inner soil, principally, is humility—Gurdjieff’s recognition of one’s own nothingness. This can be roughly equated to both a lack of inner considering (selfishness and self-involvement) and an emptiness that allows for the Lord to enter Being unimpeded, as advocated by Meister Eckhart. 

The inflow is what creates inner gravity; and this is sensed as a physical presence that grounds Being in relationship to life. The inflow is actively sensed in every case, when it is present; and it always forms a core of unspoken understanding, surrounded by and resting on a foundation of Love. This forms what I would call the Inner Gravity of Being, which corresponds directly to the material and physical gravity of the outside world, but is of a much finer spiritual quality. Insofar as a man or woman receives the Lord—receives Glory, Grace and Mercy—into Being, they are gifted with the gravity needed to repose more fully in Being.

All of creation is arranged in order to participate in this action. So when one sees the world around one, one is actually looking at an active, complete, and comprehensive manifestation of this action of Glory, Grace, and mercy, which is present in all things and at all times, forever expressing and being expressed.


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