Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vessel, Truth, Unknown


These three principles are the things that can, as an exercise, be held within awareness at a given moment as a path to a different understanding of how I am.

 They can be described using words, but the essence of this practice is to experience, not define—that is, I have a moment in which I see, without the words, as it were, how these three properties inform (inwardly form) my existence.


I am a vessel. That is, my physical body, my mental body, and my emotional body are containers, spaces, into which the world around me flows through impressions.

The vessel is a single whole thing, but it has the capacity to receive all three kinds of impressions. I attempt to immediately experience myself as a vessel—an empty space into which these impressions flow. 

I’m just going to try to experience that as the inflow—the inward flow, which consists of two experiences; an inward spiritual energy that creates the capacity to receive, and an outward set of energies, immediate impressions, which flow in through the senses. 

“I” (conscious Being) exists at the conjunction of these two influences (inward flows.) 


The inward flow of these impressions into me—impressions received both inwardly and outwardly—is Truth. That is, the experience is truthful and irrevocable, before I evaluate it. 

There is a possibility for allowing these impressions to arrive without the interference of the conceptual mind. In this way they are fresh and untainted, that is, they simply exist. I don’t interfere. I sense and feel within this vessel, but I ignore thought by unknowing.


The state I am in as I receive Truth into the vessel through the inward flow is one of unknowing. 

I know nothing; all things arrive, and they arrive as mysteries. I can’t say anything about them because they are of themselves; not of me; and to apply me and mine to them invalidates them, in the sense that I have interfered. The one creative use of thought I can engage in here is suspension.

So in this receiving mode, I can for a moment take in a very different world which is not ruled by mind or analogy.  

It is living. Not thinking about living.  


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