Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The concept of betterment, part III — a living experience of inquiry

One comes back again, as always, to this question of the inflow and how the divine energy reaches us, practically, immediately, and in ordinary life.

The process of inquiry is the process, ultimately, of understanding this; to be sure, there are much narrower interpretations, but they all lead to this in the end if the inquiry expands. One needs to expand one's attention, one's organic sensitivity, and the center of gravity of one's being through a right feeding of the spirit and soul in order to acquire enough material to become sensitized to this question in an organic way, that is, through an actual and living experience of the vibrations — the prana, the Holy Spirit — that matter itself is made of. One needn't live within this experience perpetually; but it must be a constant and irrefutable presence in life in order for one to begin to have the organic understanding necessary to create a more living experience of inquiry.

 For as long as our experience of inquiry is directed outwardly, attached to material things, it will function in a remarkably effective way, but it can only achieve outward things. It becomes process of the manipulation of materials, which we call technology; and we can see that technology is able to evolve to extraordinary degrees without any actual evolution on the part of those who engage in its use. Only an inward evolution — an inner effort betterment — can lead us to a moment where these technologies serve something better than themselves, that is, ever better computers and nuclear weapons, ever better guns, and so on.

So we need this living experience of inquiry, which becomes an active and a conscious questioning — not the passive one we are so accustomed to employing in our everyday life.

The living experience of inquiry begins with self-doubt; I am not sure of who I am, or what I am doing. I become willing to erase the blackboard over and over again, because with each step I take, I see that I am inadequate and don't know what to do next. I am willing to pursue an inquiry into who and what I am to try and discover what I do not know. I am a vessel able to receive truth, and I don't know what that is. So I want to discover truth — and only within the immediate organic experience of life can truth ever be discovered. It is a living property of manifestation, of what I call objects, events, circumstances, and conditions — and it arises, as I pointed out in the last post, in relationship between these various arisings.

One of the peculiar things about human manifestation is that I forget this constantly, no matter how far I go and no matter how much help I am given. There is a tendency in human beings for everything to collapse back downwards the moment that a force which lifts it up is absent; and I need to be internally — that is, within the present moment always — vigilant with my inquiry in order to understand this completely.

It is the vigilance and the inquiry themselves that help provide the force that lifts life upwards — hence we celebrate those who work hard, and often, without regard for their own welfare but always for the welfare of others.

This is what lifts everything upwards, be it inwardly or outwardly — and whenever things become too comfortable, I ought to be suspicious. Lifting is a difficult activity, and although everyone needs rest, when I have it too easy, I am not understanding properly.


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