Monday, June 29, 2015

The Coincident Multiverse, part III

 The coincident multiverse theory does not propose an irrevocably impenetrable fabric between universes.

Modern physicists, in their proposal of multiverses, often suggest that alternate universes will have different physical laws — but this is not a necessity; and given the absolute density of the known universe, the proposal that alternate universes accompany it in the same "location" doesn't seem absurd at all. Nor is the idea that laws in such an alternate universe might be nearly identical a stretch.

All of the spiritual and psychic phenomenon that have been reported for thousands of years may relate directly to the coincident multiverse, in the sense that the fabric between universes is shared at the subatomic level, and they thus influence one another.

There would be cases where that fabric was then "thin" enough for objects, events, circumstances, and conditions from alternate universes to "leak" between one another — a form of metaphysical cross talk between two distinct and separate but coincident physical universes. So what appears to us to be a "ghost" is in fact an existing conscious entity or Being from such an alternate universe; and because it's entirely possible that the nature of consciousness in these alternate universes may vary considerably, angels and archangels may well be creatures able to transcend the fabric of their own universes due to their energetic natures.

There may, in other words, be a dialogue between universes in the same way that there is a dialogue between cells through gap junctions.

The idea of the coincident multiverse bridges the gap between the spiritual and scientific in the sense that the so-called "supernatural" and the natural are bound together in the mind of God according to a true metaphysics: that is, a physics that is lawful in exactly the same way Ouspensky's hypothetical seminary student proposed.  In seeing it this way, we acknowledge that all universes in the multiverse are bound by comprehensible law; yet law is comprehensible only within the context of the universe it manifests in.

 The idea of the coincident multiverse creates infinite room for the manifestation of all of the aspects of the mind of God—The Reality— as Ibn al Arabi and Meister Eckhart see it, while at the same time allowing for the transcendent — an unknowable and overarching order — to manifest at a higher level above it. The idea of inter-penetrability, that is, the diffusion of all multi-verses within one another, is furthermore consistent with Gurdjieff's explanation, that is, that all the levels of the universe ( that is, the multiverse) are present within this universe, that is, they all inter-penetrate one another. To be sure, the idea I am proposing expands somewhat on his own, but I don't think they are completely inconsistent with one another.

The coincident multiverse also allows for complete fulfillment of the statistically comprehensible idea that everything that ever can happen, all of the potential future outcomes of every indeterminate quantum state and, yes, personal life, must inevitably be fulfilled along one or the other timeline in the development of the multiverse. What is different about this theory is that it does not assume complete divergence; instead, it invokes coincidence, to suggest that all of these events take place side-by-side, so to speak, but are merely invisible to one another due to the separation of the multiverse, which is—by what some might see as a great irony—perpetually illustrated by the behavior of subatomic particles.

Have fun with it.


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