Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The True Service

Virgin Annunciate, attributed to Lorenzo di Niccolo, 1392-1412
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

We live in a world where people somehow consider truth to be a relative thing, when it is anything but.

Those who think the truth is relative have never encountered the real truth; yet everyone thinks they know something true, one way or the other, because they are so arbitrary about their understanding of this matter.

The things that are actually true are always true through God and in God, and never in any other way. Unless one has a contact with God's Presence – and this only comes from an actual inward flow of the divine Presence, which I call the inflow (The "higher influence" of which Jeanne de Salzmann often spoke) – one knows basically nothing about this, and that is the common condition of humanity.

Of the unique sorrow belonging to God himself that pervades the universe , it emanates in great part from this. At least, that is, in relationship to humanity.

In any event, I wish to speak this morning of something that is absolutely and inarguably true, which all beings and persons ought to know, and should try to know truthfully within their Being.

Men and women, to a fault, believe first that they should serve themselves. Everyone is like this; I am no different. Any step towards real Being consists of recognizing this first. This is already a kind of seeing that we usually don't attain. 

But this is not real service; and if I think that service begins outwardly, in any way, attached to this world or creation, I am mistaken. There is only one actual service that must come first and always, and that is inward service to God.

This service begins inside me. It doesn't begin with my deeds towards others or my deeds for myself; it must precede all these things. It is an organic sensation, an experience that begins within the body and blood, which is the selfsame body and blood of Christ and in all ways belongs to God and begins in God. 

This is a true thing which one can experience if one opens. Otherwise, everything is theory, and one will argue about everything endlessly, and circles, as is once again quite normal for human beings, so much so that we take great comfort in our iniquities.

Service to God involves putting God's Love first within one's self, and seeing how inadequate one is towards everything. I repeat, everything. This experience is very closely connected to Mr. Gurdjieff's adage that we must realize our own nothingness. The mistake that folks make here, as I see it, is that they think that this means we must somehow realize ourselves in relationship to ourselves, whereas what we really must do is recognize ourselves in relationship to God

This can only be done through the receiving of the Presence through the inflow (Jeanne de Salzmann's "higher energy"—and why she insisted on such euphemisms, I cannot understand) because unless one recognizes God as a reality within Being, one cannot see one's nothingness— all that one sees is a selfish vision, not one that has formed a proper contact with the soul in relationship to God.

So what is the true service? 

The true service is always a service of love of God first. If I don't love God first, through God's love for me, there is no love, and everything that comes after it is a fallacy, a sham, an imagination. 

If human beings loved God first,  all other love that came afterwards would be valid; but our love is invalid – that is, infirm, ill, unable — because it does not begin here, at the root of love, which is generous and all-merciful and forever forgiving of everything.

 I can assure you, as surely as you read this now, that if you know this love, everything will change in you forever. 

How I know this, I cannot tell you — but I can assure you as surely as I live and breathe that this is truth, and nothing else is truth unless one understands this first. 


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  1. I think it's fairly obvious she didn't want to adopt traditional religious terms -might have put off the recruits. G wasn't so choosey it seems....


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