Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Sacred Aieioiuoa, part II

Once again, I inadvertently find myself pondering obscure points of doctrine.

 One might ask why the arrangement in the heavenly spheres is such that spiritual angels embody truth, and heavenly angels embody wisdom. The key to this lies in the relationship between being, purification, and wisdom; that is, the notes sol, la, and si on the enneagram.

 It is impossible for me to catch readers up on all the background material I have already presented on this; those who need to refresh their memories are introduced themselves to it need to get themselves a copy of The Universal Enneagram. so what we are going to cover here is for those who already understand the relationship of these notes to Being, Purification, and Wisdom.

On the usually dominant earthly side of the diagram, before Being emerges as a realized force at the note sol, it is not possible for man to know truth. On the natural side of the enneagram, which is  inexorably bound to the material forces which dominate it, truth is a relative thing. This is why we live in a world in which sophistry, lies, and relativism abound.

Only once one acquires Being is it possible to begin to discriminate between what is true and what isn't. This is because only at the point where the heart becomes active, where sensation becomes conscious, and higher influences begin to flow into Being can one begin to see truth in the first place. Otherwise, it is always obscured on the other side of the equation.  In the natural world, lies and truths appear to carry equal weight and cannot be discriminated one from the other.

 Passing from the natural to the spiritual side of the enneagram, one arrives at Being confused, because it is inevitable that the vessel of Being comes to its point of awakening filled with all of the material that got it there; and much of it is not true. This is on the order of all the impressions one has received, which need, upon the awakening of active mentation, to be sorted out properly, an action that cannot be undertaken by the thinking mind on its own.

This process leads to the next note in the diagram, la,  which represents purification, that is, the  winnowing of the chaff of impressions and the discovery of actual truth, which is in the domain of the spiritual Angels.

Only after this process takes place is it possible to move into wisdom, which is represented by the note si.

Understanding this, we can see that the two forms of angelic hosts govern these two processes, and that they occupy an orderly hierarchy in the approach to heaven itself.

I think that I've sufficiently covered the relationship of the development of remorse and the intonation of the sacred syllables that readers can now intuit how these various forces weave together into a single sacred process.

 If not... my apologies.


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