Sunday, February 22, 2015

A question on suffering


All Creation must suffer because it is a subject to laws, that seems inevitable... Only the UNCREATED escapes it for obvious reason. But, the laws are the same throughout the Universe and parts of it on a higher level are subjects to fewer laws and suffer less - this is theory.

So, I don't quite realize why should we suffer more as we manage to ascend, and free ourselves from some of them, the Scale of Being? 

Though I know that suffering is generating the field of energy we need to move on from the role of a pain receptor on the skin of the Universe if we are able to accept it and if there is such a possibility, it is hard to imagine why is it ever getting bigger?


This is a complicated question. There are several different kinds of answers to it. Some of them are highly technical; others are from the angelic realms.  The two are not necessarily similar, although they both arrive at the same conclusions.

Since you cite the laws first, I will address that first; it's technical. Suffering does not of itself automatically arise from the laws; the laws exist strictly to order things. What causes suffering to arise is resistance to law; and consciousness inevitably tends to rebel, as  the example of Beelzebub himself amply demonstrates.

 There is no guarantee that being under less laws causes one to suffer less. One could be highly conscious and under very few laws, be highly resistant to them, and suffer far more. In fact, the whole point of the allegory of the holy planet purgatory is to illustrate this problem, more or less. The anguish there is unbearable; whereas at our level, it is — as you will notice — generally more bearable. At least, for your own sake, I hope it is.

 The aim of inner work is not freedom from suffering. The aim is purification through it. These are two different things.

 I believe these explanations are adequate, but they are based on a technical understanding which is derived from the logic of existing material on the subject. 

The reality of exactly what suffering is from an inner, cosmological, and emanation point of view is a much greater question, which is ultimately tied to the existence of God Himself. This is where information from the angelic realms comes in, and one can't explain that kind of thing in writing. I would say that my blog posts often contain some background information on this, but it can't be directly understood except through inner experience. The most common mistake is a confusion between metaphysical suffering and of the ordinary suffering of this lifetime. One is composed of much finer material vibrations than the other. There is no mistaking one for another if you understand this point of work.

One could summarize it by saying that you will understand fully if you have a real wish to die, but that can't be taken from the literal point of view in terms of the physical body. This wish to die is a metaphysical one, just as metaphysical as the suffering which engenders it, and no physical death can possibly answer it. So — once again, don't get them confused.

In any event, the kind of suffering I speak of doesn't have much to do with pain, as it is understood. Sorrow and pain, again, are not the same thing.


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