Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Observations on prayer, part III: Prayer as vibration… the nature of inner transformation, and the organic instruction of prayer

Prayer plays a role in the development of the inner octave; that is, it is a raising of the rate of vibration from within. 

Everything that exists is, of course, at its heart, vibration; and yet our inner tones are impure. In the cyclical development of Being according to the enneagram, after we reach the moment of “real I,” of Being, denoted at note sol or the number 5, we then proceed onwards to 7, la, which represents purification. 

Invoking the enneagram may not be necessary. What one needs above all to understand is simple enough: a human being needs to acquire Being, and then purify it. To acquire Being means, among other things, to take responsibility: and what the word responsible means is, one enters into a covenant with the Lord whereby one becomes responsive, that is, acknowledges His Presence, and agrees that response is needed. 

One must attend; one must have an attention, and one must acquire an intention to have an intention.

This is to become responsible; and then one must acknowledge one’s insufficiency, which is where prayer comes in.

Impurities of Being, understood from the technical point of view of vibration, are lower vibrations that disrupt and degrade higher ones; and the action of prayer can be seen hereby as a tuning, an attenuation of impurity through the judicious application of refined and corrective vibration. 

Typically, of course, we see prayer as a sound we make, consisting of words; and yet prayer is so much more. Prayer is expressed in many ways, both inner and outer, each one conforming to a righting of vibration, a correction. When one actively prays, one organically senses the rightness; and this organic sense of Being is what guides the action and type of prayer. Asanas and mudras are a form of prayer; but ones that need to arise naturally in order to be effective. That is to say, no outwardly imposed program of asanas or mudras serves; the positions must be assumed from within, according to an inner authority and its covert instruction. The mind need not interfere here, since the organic instruction of prayer teaches what is needed by itself— and then, only gives what is truly necessary.

So prayer is a whole thing; it doesn’t just consist of words, or a position of the body, or an emotional attitude: it takes place within Being, according to availability. As I discover prayer — that is, as my inner conditions become more available to the flow of the Lord — in those moments, prayer manifests appropriately. Prayer is, in other words, a spontaneous and intermittent action, not a planned and programmed event. It’s permissible and even desirable to have plans and programs; but one should learn to sense one’s inner relationship to a plan or a program, which is a form, as opposed to the living action of prayer, which isn’t. Prayer is a response; and it is a response to Presence. Real prayer takes place when one develops an alignment to the higher energy; and one can always know the absolute presence of real prayer through the humility it brings. 

If it begins with humility; it may lead to remorse.  

If it develops remorse, it may lead to anguish.  

And if it leads to anguish — then, maybe I will see something true.

This is the trajectory of prayer, in so far as there is one.  It is a seeing, but not a seeing with the eyes.  


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