Thursday, December 4, 2014

The inner world

The outer world is all creature. That is, everything about it is part of creation, what is made, and what exists.

It occurs to me that the inner world is nothing like this. There is no way to reduce it to a mechanical entity; its essential nature is that it already stands outside nature, as life itself, within the context of experience.

So what takes place within, if I am awake to it and it is alive, is always a mystery, and it always begins with this wellspring of life itself, which is uncompromising and comprehensive. All experience flows from it; it is both the creator and the created at the same time, and there is no understanding it from any technical point of view.

Perhaps there's an irony in believing that the technology of spirituality — any technology of spirituality, be it Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, or anything else — can grasp of the essential nature of being, because it lies beyond the forms. We live within it, and already, we are beyond the forms within this life itself as it arises — yet we insist on injecting form into it, as though it were deficient.

Do you know what I mean? Can you see how life itself is already here, sufficient, natural, and irrevocable, without any form? This is a strange thing; no one talks about it. Instead, we define and apply external creation and its concepts.

Even when life is disorganized and flat, it's a mystery. All the time, the most extraordinary things happen, inexplicable things, and we either try to explain them or just take them for granted. In fact, everything is quite extraordinary; and I mean this in the sense that it transcends my concepts of order. It belongs to an order higher than the one I am able to perceive.


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