Sunday, December 21, 2014

The divine inflow

 I suppose that using the words "the divine inflow" might seem mysterious.

We might remember, however, that Gurdjieff often spoke about influences; and these are, indeed, things that flow inwardly, inward flows.

People generally understand the word influence to mean an outward thing that comes into us and holds us under its sway in one way or another; yet the esoteric understanding of the word influence is that which flows within — from within, to within. That is to say, there are mysterious, unseen, and sacred energies that flow in currents that pass from being to being without any visible outward affect.

In earlier ages, up to the present day, these types of influences are referred to as "psychic" influences, but this ascribes them to psychology and to outward things, which is quite incorrect. Psychic influences are, essentially, psychological influences, which is what all outward objects, events, circumstances, and conditions produce. They flow from the outside to the inside. They concern themselves with outward events, such as, who one's next lover will be, when grandmother will die, what horse will win the race, and so on. And of course people are fascinated by this kind of thing — All useless, because none of it adds to Being, not a single whit. Only inner and inward influences can add to Being, and these are much subtler forces that need to be encountered in a very different way than psychic forces. They are, in point of fact, spiritual influences — and this is what the divine inflow is.

There are a wide range of spiritual influences, and not all of them are benevolent ones.  Some of them are even real vampires which take our energy away from us. (See Gurdjieff's Wartime  Transcripts, chapter 10.) One needs to learn to discriminate in a very precise manner inwardly in order to see exactly what an inner or spiritual influence is, first, and one can only exercise this discrimination first through an active sensation, which grows very deep roots in the body. After one becomes aware of this, one has to understand which influences are positive and calm into direct relationship with them  intentionally when they are available. This is not always possible; one must work when work is possible, not any old time. But in any event, one must come into relationship with the divine inward flow in order to receive the Lord.  ( See The Reality of Being, page 260.) This is a kind of higher energy; and it manifests in many different ways.

One must submit. This energy which flows inwardly informs the body, and through it, the emotions and the mind, actually, in that exact order — because once the body is properly informed, that is, once a higher energy inwardly forms a right understanding in a specific part of the body, which may be limited to an area as small as the tip of one's little finger — that right understanding sends a message to the entire state of one's being which brings, first of all, a real emotion — as opposed to the petty fears which dominate most of our ordinary state — and then, and understanding in the mind that one is encountering the real authority in both life and the cosmos, and that one is under that authority.

When I say the energy manifests in many different ways, what I mean is that the Truth of the Lord can come into us anywhere, at any time, and in any part. Only this divine inward flow can teach real and true humility, which otherwise is just a word that rolls off the tongue or attitude that is manufactured by lower parts. The energy is what was referred to as manna from heaven in the Bible; it is a food. What it feeds is our soul; and our soul lives in the desert and has nothing to eat without this food.


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