Tuesday, December 30, 2014

deep in the bones

In the last post, I quoted the following passage:

Life is so desirable in itself that we desire it for itself. Those who are in hell in eternal pain would not wish to lose their life, neither devils nor souls, because their life is so noble that it flows direct from God into the soul. And so, because it thus flows immediately from God, they want to live. What is life? God's being is my life. If my life is God's being, then God's essence must be my essence, and God's self-identity my self-identity, neither more nor less.   

M.E., The Complete Mystical Works, P. 330

What does it mean that life flows direct from God into the soul?

 All the philosophical esoteric work in the world, all the writing, all the pontificating and the sitting about discussing things are actually meaningless. This one phrase, though, has real meaning; and that real meaning is embodied in Truth, which is not distinct from life that flows direct from God into the soul. This life that flows into the soul and this Truth are one and the same thing; there isn't any difference.

It doesn't matter what religion one studies or what form one thinks is correct. The only thing that matters is to receive Life directly into the soul. This is a unique and impossible proposition; not until it takes place can one understand the difference between one's own, ordinary (under an order) being, and the Being of Truth and of Life. 

I capitalize these properties of Being, Truth and Life so that readers will understand that they are different than what we mean by the words when we comprehend them intellectually or emotionally; they represent a different level of experience which is not my level. 

I can participate; but I do not own.

 In general, whether it is Christianity, Buddhism, or the Gurdjieff practice, one forms attachments to an idea of how this or that should be, and what one's aim is. One forms a large collection of ideas of what all the terms and these practices mean. But one can't form an idea about Life or Truth, because, as received, they are much greater than ideas. They are the living Presence of God. 

Although they can assume as many aspects as there are stars in the universe, every aspect is a perfect and exact reflection of the Lord; and this is an inner understanding. This is why Christ told us that the kingdom of heaven is within us. In receiving Life and Truth, we have the potential to understand the last sentence in Meister Eckhart's comment:  God's essence must be my essence.  

In receiving the Lord, in receiving the Life and Truth that flow from the Lord directly into Being, one understands how this is true; yet not with the reason alone does one understand. Not with the feeling alone does one understand. 

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. 
—Matthew 22: 37-28

 In truth, no matter how one wishes to reject, and what one wishes to reject, one cannot understand these questions without understanding what Christ meant here. When one loves the Lord with all of one's heart, and all of one's soul, and all of one's mind, one receives the Love of the Lord with all of one's Being; and since this is the only real, true, and pure Love — ours is always and forever fallen from Grace — only then can one perfectly reciprocate, since it is from within Grace that that perfection which can reciprocate arises.


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