Saturday, December 6, 2014

Beyond comprehension

I wrote the other day about the difference between inner and outer teachings.

It's really very difficult to write about teachings aimed at the transformation of essence. I try all the time; but it's impossible to ever convey the extraordinary taste of real essential Being, and influences that flow into us from a higher level.

I say, extraordinary, in the sense that such influences are extraneous to the order we live in and perceive; they are, from our perspective, positively supernatural, that is, they lie outside nature as we know it, and they lie outside the established order we inhabit and perceive.

The most incredible and preposterous hollywood movies, with the most impossible super-beings, aliens, or monsters, cannot possibly begin to convey the impression of extra-ordinary and super-natural phenomena, that is, phenomena that flow into us from a higher level. That's because such phenomena have an inner authority which the outer is absolutely and categorically unable to reproduce. It is one thing to concoct CGI (computer generated imagery) of angels and demons; another thing entirely to wake up and find an angel in the room. One is fantasy; the other is as real as it gets, and produces an emotional and physical effect beyond comprehension—which is, as it happens, exactly where such visitations locate themselves: beyond comprehension.

The word comprehend means to bring together, to grasp; and such things are ungraspable exactly because they come from a higher level. All inner work aimed at the transformation of essence is ultimately aimed at coming into contact with such forces, because they have the power to transform.

On that note, it's interesting to note the pharmaceutical industry and and medical psychologists slowing coming to the realization that hallucinogenic compounds such as LSD and psilocybin can, under the correct controlled circumstances, often have positive psychological impacts that last for months or even years. Alcoholics, for example, often stop drinking after even a single dose of LSD, and depressive patients treated with psilocybin often show great improvement for extended periods.

The sciences, of course, will always come up with mechanistic explanations for such things; but the reality is that such drugs open us up, at least temporarily, to higher influences that can actually transform. This is why their effects are so long lasting, long after the few hours or so during which the drug is actually present and acting in the body.

(Readers must be advised that I am in absolutely no way suggesting or advocating experimentation or freelance treatment with such drugs, which can be very dangerous if taken under inappropriate circumstances! Do not take these drugs. They are no substitute or "short cut" for proper inner work, which transforms much more deeply and permanently, through accessory substances produced naturally by one's own body, which Gurdjieff called "higher hydrogens." (These substances are not molecular analogs like LSD and other hallucinogens; they are very precisely tuned to human body chemistry and don't have the deleterious effects of their externally produced cousins.)

This side excursion into how the ungraspable transforms simply serves to remind us that we live within an order; and there are other, higher orders that remain unavailable without transformation of essence, inner transformation. So it's this work on essence, which brings one into a very different realm of energy and understanding, that I need to undertake. From this point of view, from the perspective of this order I am in, it seems magical; yet it is entirely real.

Just completely unknown.


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