Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Organic intention


The head is like an apparatus, it plays the role of police. But the centre of gravity of your presence is in your solar plexus, which is the centre of feeling. That is where things happen. The head is like a typewriter... Your head can only constate, not in any way work. You must work with your sensation and your feeling. As for the head, it can see whether they are together or separate. The head is not a part of the organism, it is separate from the organism. The head is nothing, a function, a typewriter, an apparatus. When you concentrate your attention in your head, you can constate what goes on in you. But the head is nothing, it is a stranger to the organism... It watches how the functions of your presence are working. Do you understand me?

It's sometimes in the moment when things become the worst that one has to have the strongest sensation and intention.

This moment is the moment where intention must be within the body as a living thing; one can't use the mind for it, because the mind is actually helpless. 

Intention itself must become organic in the same way that sensation is organic. This is a different order of work and, so to speak, above the work of sensation — that is, intention cannot be organic unless sensation is also first organic.

The discrimination for this kind of understanding doesn't come from the mind either. It has to do with what Gurdjieff said about instinct. It is only through a solid and instinctive connection to sensation that I can begin to have an organic intention, and that intention is actually an intention towards the binding, the glue, that holds my Being together. Being will fall apart without this glue of intention; intention has to become as alive as the sensation becomes in the organic sense of being.

The phrase "I am — I wish to be" consequently doesn't have much meaning when the mind says it; it is basically useless. It is only when this is born within the body as a result of both sensation and intention that it begins to become a living thing; and by that time, the words don't mean as much, because this is not a thing made of words, it is a thing made of the qualities, the forces, of intention and sensation.

I need, in other words, to see not just this question about sensation from an organic point of view, I also need to understand intention from an organic point of view.

That which is not organic, not rooted, has no values or substance. That which is rooted is invulnerable.

One can definitely say, upon observation, that organic sensation is not "my" sensation; it is its own sensation, that is, it belongs to a different force from the force of my personality. I can say exactly the same thing about intention; an organic intention is not my intention; I am to cooperate with it, form a relationship with it, but it does not belong to me. It is of itself.

This experience of forces within Being as forces of themselves, rather than forces that "I" have some control over, is an interesting one.

Understanding this question of the role of the mind is a policeman allows for the other forces to be their own agencies; this is a new way of being entirely, isn't it?


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